3 Health Benefits of Going Boating

white boats on body of water
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Unless you are aqua phobic, there is a good chance you like being near the water. It is something so innate to us that can offer us a lot of calm and peaceful feelings of wellbeing and can also be reminiscent of great times we have had on the beach, fishing, or other favorite pastimes.

Not many people can hop onto a boat whenever they like, but if you are in a position to, or are looking to move into one where you can, then this piece will talk to you about the health benefits of going boating!

It Can Affect Your Brain

Getting straight into it, being near or on water, and reaping those psychological rewards now comes with a specific name – ‘Blue mind’.

This specific phenomenon occurs when we enter into a meditative state around water, whether that being in it, on it, or around it. It is hailed as the antidote to stress, anxiety, and overstimulation of ‘day to day’ life, and taking some time on the water can help reset our brains, clear out the clutter, and make more room for creativity and peacefulness. If you can’t get your hands on a boat, a simple trip to the beach can also work wonders!

It Can Reconnect You to Nature

Much like pitching up a tent in the middle of the mountains or going for a run deep in the woods, hopping on a boat and taking a journey out into the sea can connect us right back to our roots. There is already ample amounts of evidence which talk about how nature is extremely beneficial to our wellbeing, so it is not hard to connect the dots!

Not only do you get to see some spectacular views that look just a little different from the water over land, but you can also get to experience the magical sea creatures and other displays that you do not get to witness naturally unless you are on the water!

If this is something you want to be able to do daily or whenever you get the urge, why not take a look at boat auctions online and find the perfect vessel for you.

It is One of the Fastest Ways to Unplug

In a world that constantly seems like it wants to be plugged in, secretly (and sometimes not so secretly), many of us are gasping to pull out the charger, turn off the phone, and move away from the screens.

While being in and around water is great for the brain, getting straight on the water and out into the middle of the ocean is a fast track to serenity from the modern world. There is no internet, little signal, no work calls or emails, no one turning up on your boat out of the blue; you can truly be as alone as you want to be from all of the day to day demands on your body and mind, and just simply ‘be’.

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