New to Glasses – How to Style Them to Make them Work for You


Have you just been given your first eyeglasses prescription? Will you now being wearing glasses on a regular daily basis and feeling a bit lost as to how you’ll make them work for your own personal style? While many people look at glasses as a fashion statement, for some it can feel like they are taking away from your own style and look, and leave you feeling a bit out of your element. Not to worry as we have some simple tips and advice you can use as you introduce yourself to the world of glasses.

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Pick Frames that Flatter Your Face Shape

The first tip has to do with shopping for frames, as this is where the process begins. You want to block out all the trends and what’s currently in fashion and instead focus on what frames flatter your face shape. Chances are you’ll keep your frames for a while, so current trends really don’t matter. As Art of Optiks points out with so many designs and styles available, there is one that fits each person’s unique personality.

The frames you pick will also help to determine how much of a statement you want to make with your glasses. Maybe you want them to be as subtle as possible, so you like the smaller frameless models, then again, maybe a large cat-eyed frame is what really flatters your face shape.

The Frames Can be a Pop of Color

Another option you’ll run into is whether or not to use your glasses as a pop of color. The traditional colors are always a great option, such as brown, black, gray, silver, and gold, but if that doesn’t suit your personality then you shouldn’t talk yourself into them. 

Just keep in mind the color needs to work with your existing wardrobe and even your makeup style if you like to wear makeup. In other words, you may still want to pick a neutral color such as a blue, green, or lilac that tend to work with a wide variety of colors.

Have the Lenses Thinned for Comfort

This is a tip that won’t be noticeable to many except you, but it makes a huge difference in the comfort level of your glasses. The stronger your prescription is, the thicker the lenses will be. It’s wise to look into having the lenses thinned once you get into those stronger prescriptions, as this keeps them lightweight and prevents the “coke bottle” look to the eyes.

What If You Need Bifocals?

For those who need bifocals or trifocals, you may be feeling self-conscious about the fact your lenses will have that very clear line running across them. Not only that, it can make distance vision a little tricky. If that’s the case look into line-free progressive lenses as they will look just like regular lenses yet provide you with everything you need. It also prevents the bifocal look that many associate with getting older.

You Can Style Glasses to Suit You 

By using these tips, you’ll be able to find the perfect glasses that truly speak to your style and personality.

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