Super Guide on Hair Regeneration 2019

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Ever wanted to beat hair loss? well i am going to write a comprehensive guide on how to prevent losing hair and facts about the real truth behind this critical condition which comes naturally but somehow we can still prevent.

Well, I am writing this ‘super guide’ with only one important thing in mind…

To guide you on how we can cure our hair loss for good. In this article, you will read about 10 methods categorically broken into 3 main parts:

Number 1: Conventional methods

Number 2: Breakthrough methods

Number 3: Natural methods

So, do we have a remedy for this hair loss problem?

So many people claim that they have a cure to prevent hair loss problem and some of them actually are doing this right but problem might stands with whom you opt to go for?

I have done so much research on this topic and really i have experienced and have seen so many remedies here and there but only few have left to make an impression for quite long and worthy enough to mention.

First thing to make a note is that we use the wrong word as ‘cure’ or remedy more likely which is really not a proper description of how this hair loss is working yeah?

Hair loss

So before we go more deep in to some of the most specific treatments, we would like to explain about hair loss what it really is and what is the reason it is happening so often these days.

We will also explain about why it’s happening more commonly and why its starting at a young age for more people.

As per our research, genes are involved. (We are more likely to get bald if our father and our mother’s father etc. are also bald.) True isn’t it? but what is important here is that it’s more of a ‘genetic predisposition.’

which really means, we have genes that under a specific environment are more susceptible to hair loss.

Don’t you think it’s a good news?…Well just go and google about it!

Why? well because it means that our environment (lifestyle, diet etc) triggers baldness and as humans we have a unique advantage in that we can always change our environment oh yes we certainly can.

Ever thought, what really causes hair loss?

Well, to better understand on how to cure hair loss, we really have to understand about the real cause first.

One hormone which is called DHT attacks the hair follicles very slowly and it cause our hair to wither and die through a process known as hair follicle miniaturization and when the follicle gets small it some how falls out and doesn’t grow back.

Hair transplant is not cheap. Especially when it is done by a professional renowned doctor. Also, small procedures are very costly these days. So as we say, you get what you pay for and yes it’s true. So if we go for a cheap doctor or you can say less costly then you can surely expect cheap results. That is why it is imperative that we do a proper research on the hair transplant clinic you select.

Well if you ask us, bottom line is that we should attempt hair transplantation only when there is no medication used or it didn’t work and hair loss has been pretty much stabilized. We should also have this in mind that getting a transplant at the age of 25 or below because you don’t know how far your AGA will progress. Secondly, talented hair transplant surgeons can achieve miraculous results by given the right circumstances. The important thing is research yes research and more research. In my humble opinion, the best transplant candidates are those who are Norwood 4s and under. If they are a Norwood 5 and beyond that, having complete coverage is going to be very difficult, however I have seen it happen, so all hope is not lost.

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