How Artificial Intelligence Could Be Your Answer to Better Skin

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Many people struggle with their skin routine for years and finding the best way to care for your skin may never be something we will fully master. However, artificial intelligence (AI) is becoming increasingly well-known in all industries, from travel to sales, and now to beauty. It may sound like a strange idea that technology could come up with a better skin assessment than a real person, but AI really is clever and may be the answer to all of your skin troubles. Read on to find out how.

What is AI?

Artificial intelligence is pretty much what it says on the tin. It is a specific area of computer science which attempts to recreate extremely intelligent machines that can act just as humans can and also react in the same way too. There are many movies out there that show what AI could look like in the future for us, some a bit more dramatic than others. AI is certainly nothing to be scared of. As humans, we could make use of AI in many ways and folk from the beauty industry are already jumping on this fantastic bandwagon and creating their own forms of AI to help us beauty lovers.

Say Cheese

Olay is just one beauty brand that has caught on to the AI trend by making an at-home beauty advisor which can assess your skin and recommend the best products and areas to target, all through taking a selfie with your smartphone. You can also fill in some questions about your skin to get a better and more detailed analysis. This is just one of many skin analysis apps that are out there at the moment that use AI technology. This is much easier and much simpler than heading to a beauty counter and therefore, for some, this is the better option.

AI in The Beauty Industry

Let’s face it, the beauty industry is absolutely huge and there are billions of products out there that all say they do the same thing and all boast to be the best for your skin. It can be so difficult choosing what may be best for your skin and which brand to choose from. AI can aid in this huge choice though, with AI being made that can assist us in finding the perfect skincare routine for us, navigating the millions of available products to make life a whole lot simpler. If you work in the beauty industry yourself, learning more about AI and how it may benefit your business could lead you to making the next best AI technology. An artificial intelligence course will aid you in discovering more about the amazing work it can do and how it actually works at its most basic level. AI will soon be a part of everyday life and therefore knowing more about this technological revolution is essential. For more information about courses check out this page: AI is changing the way we think about everything, including beauty. Be at the forefront and ensure that you know what is going on in the AI industry to stay ahead of the trends.

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