Managing a Newsletter: The Starting Guide


Have you reached the point in your company’s digital marketing plan that it’s time to develop a newsletter? Sending out a newsletter to all your subscribers is an excellent way to keep your brand present in their minds, relay important information regarding new releases and promotions, help set your brand up as an authority in the industry, and according to Forbes magazine it helps to build that all-important customer engagement and relationship. Of course, all of this is provided you put together an effective and engaging newsletter that people actually want to open.

So how do you manage a newsletter that is deemed a big success? Here’s a starter’s guide that you can refer to.

Keep the Newsletter within Budget

Because you’re running a company and its profit is always a big concern, you want to be sure that you are going about the creating and distribution of your newsletter in the most economical manner. While businesses are quick to choose Mailchimp as the platform they will use to build their contact list and then send out emails, there are cheaper platforms than Mailchimp. Every pound saved will help the company’s bottom line.

Determine What the Goal of the Newsletter Is

You will also need to think long and hard about the goal of the newsletter. This can actually be broken down into two segments. You want to determine what the overall goal is for setting this process up in the first place, as well as the individual goal of each newsletter you send out. Sending one just for the sake of sending something is going to feel like spam to your subscribers, and they will either ignore it altogether or unsubscribe.

Create a Template

As well, you will want to create a template that is used for each newsletter. You want to keep things consistent so that readers know what to expect, and this will also save you time for future emails. A template will also help the newsletter to feel more professional, thereby giving more authority to your brand/company. When it comes to the design; typically, less is more. You don’t want anything that is too busy, over-the-top, or flashy. Instead keep things neat, organized, and easy to navigate.

Start Building Your Subscriber List

The newsletter will only be as effective as the list you build, so time and effort should also be spent on creating that list of subscribers.

Don’t Fill the Newsletter with Text Only

Be sure to also mix things up with the content by including such things as photos, charts, and graphs. It’s also wise to keep your paragraphs short and tight, making use of things such as subheadings and bullet points. This allows readers to skim through and find the parts they are most interested in.

Create a Schedule and Stick with It

Finally, you want to be sure you create a schedule that you can stick with. You don’t want to send out too many emails, again you’ll be seen as spam, but at the same time they shouldn’t be sporadic. There should be a set schedule in place.

All of these tips will help you craft an effective newsletter.

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