5 Meaningful Ways to Celebrate Someone’s Life

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When someone we love passes, it is only natural to want to celebrate their life in a meaningful way. Even if the person lived an ordinary life, they were still loved, they touched people’s lives in some small way, and they mattered to you. Even if you don’t want a huge memorial service, there are lots of smaller and very meaningful ways to celebrate someone’s life. Read on for inspiration.

Plant a Tree

Planting a tree is a great way to remember a loved one. Over time, the tree will grow, and it can serve as a reminder of that person. If you don’t have the space to plant a new tree, why not decorate an existing one?

For example, if the person had a favorite spot in a local park, decorate a tree in their name. Have a memorial plaque engraved with a special message and fix it at the base of the tree. You can place solar strong lights in the tree, hang glass jars with candles, and pin laminated photos to the tree trunk.

Sky Lanterns

Releasing sky lanterns is a wonderful way to celebrate a loved one during an outdoor memorial service. Instead of asking friends and family to come together in a traditional way, plan a night-time memorial celebration somewhere meaningful, such as a garden or park.

Buy some eco-friendly sky lanterns and ask people to write personal messages to the deceased. When they release their lantern, they can watch as it floats up into the sky. It’s a truly beautiful way to say goodbye to someone you love.

Build a Memorial Wall

Memorial bricks are a great way to celebrate someone’s life in a permanent way. You, family members, and friends can purchase memorial bricks and have them engraved with an inscription, such as ‘in loving memory of…’ or ‘we remember…’.

Use your memorial bricks to build a small wall in a garden or public space (with permission, of course). As mentioned on Fundraising Brick, you could even use memorial bricks to raise money for a cause that was close to your loved one’s heart.

Shoot for the Stars

The night sky is full of stars. Wouldn’t it be amazing if one of those stars was named after your loved one? Surprisingly, this is very easy to do. You can buy a star via a star registry and then view it through an online telescope.

Buy a star and bring everyone together so they can view it during a memorial service. Have the certificate framed and hung somewhere special. It’s a great way to remember this person for many years to come.

Cremation Jewelry

When someone is cremated, the family has the option to receive that person’s ashes. While some people are happy to keep the ashes in a memorial container, turning some of them into a ring, necklace, or beads is a nice touch. There are quite a few companies that offer a cremation jewelry service, so look for an item that truly resonates with you.

These are only a few ideas; there are many more things you can try to celebrate someone’s life in a meaningful way. You may even decide to have a tattoo to honor their memory!

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