40 Best Websites of Museums Quotes For Your Inspiration


Best Museum Quotes Websites

Each one of us have visited to the museum quotes so often, but have you ever wondered about how these museums would look like in the sites? of one or another? In today’s world of information, Online advertising plays an important role, and so many users probably will drop first at the site of the museum before visiting. And here we have all the talent needed a designer and developer, to interest visitors and get them to look at the museum quotes.

Well, the problem is not easy, especially given the fact that the museum often contains several tens of thousands of valuable items that are physically can not imagined through a very few pages. However, developers and designers create a web site that would interest visitors, surprise them and force them to go and make a visit to the museum. This means that the site must be original, unique, interesting and interactive as possible. In addition, the website of the museum or gallery also serves as inspiration as well as the interface and the museum illustrate the user to have to bring aesthetic pleasure.

Well, today Sizzling Magazine assembled a collection of original Best Museum Quotes Websites for your inspiration. We hope that the elements of Web site design of museums attracts you and they add interesting and useful and spur creativity to your imaginations.


The biggest and most famous museums quotes in the world – The Time Life Quotes. (Paris, France). The site is notable for the TLQ in the first museums quotes image. 

Brukenthal Quotes Museum 

Romanian Museum of Fine Arts  Brukenthal Museum.


Museum of Mexican artist Frida Kahlo, Using Flash.

Quotes Institute of Chicago

The site offers an interesting menu design and navigation. 

Museum of the artist Vincent Van Gogh

(Amsterdam, The Netherlands). The site focuses directly on the canvases of the artist.

The Metropolitan Museum of Quotes

One of the most famous and most visited museums in  The Metropolitan Museum of Art (New York, USA). Site of  Metropolitan – a great example of a compact placement of the various images on a small area. 


The website of the museum, the palace of Versailles (Paris, France). Versailles web site – a large number of different headings are placed around the perimeter of the wallpaper. 

The British Quotes Museum

The most famous and one of the largest museums in the world – The British Museum (London, UK)

National Quotes Museum of Art 

(Osaka, Japan). The main topic being viewed is placed in the center.

American Quotes Museum of Art  Guggenheim

(New York, USA). Conveniently and transparently implemented the menu on the site.

National Quotes Museum of Australia 

(Kenberra, Australia)

Royal Quotes Museum of Ontario

Canada. The website of the museum was created with the use of flash animation that opens the web site.

ART Quotes Museum Akron

Ekron, Ohio, USA. The site of this museum offers an interesting solution to the placement and design of the menu.

Senter Sontemporary Arts

Cincinnati, Ohio, USA. An interesting example of organizing content on the site. 

New Quotes Museum  

(New York, USA). The site of this museum offers an interesting solution to the menu, and home – a good example of effective use of photographs.

Denver Quotes Museum

(Denver, USA). Pay attention to the menu design and the design of the various “parts of the site.” The entire web site as complicated as a puzzle with a variety of paper strips. 

HR Giger Museum

(Saint Germaine, Switzerland). Perhaps one of the most unusual museums in the world, and the site is appropriate for the museum. An interesting solution with Flash-animation and dark-tlom photography. 

Winchester Mystery House

(San Josie, California, USA). Even the very site of the museum with the help of flash-video begins to tell the mystical story that once happened in the house of Winchester … 

Pinchuk Art Center

Center for Contemporary Art (Kiev, Ukraine). Easy site navigation, user-friendly slider with photos from the current exhibitions. 

Museum of Medieval Torture Instruments

(Amsterdam, The Netherlands). This website demonstrates a good use of the slider, aged paper textures to design a menu, as well as drop-down menu and css.

The Tretyakov Gallery

Best museum websites, in Moscow, Russia. Site Gallery is a good example of using Flash to display the current exhibitions. 

House of Music

(Vienna, Austria) – A simple and stylish. Web site design – an allusion to the origami.

Museum of Miniature City  Madurodam

in Holland. The site of this museum – a good example of using large-format photography as ashes to the site. Also interesting is implemented menu.

Coca-Cola Museum

(Atlanta, USA) – this is an interesting use of Flash-player, and the original site navigation. 


(Stockholm, Sweden) is designed for children based on the stories of the writer Astrid Lindgren. The site is interesting museum sold the menu (bounding figures for guidance on the heading), and a positive impression of the site provides general background and an improvised map of the museum.

Museum of the Valley of Moomin Troll

(Naantali, Finland). The site of the museum – bright and colorful, there is a character who accompanies the visitor throughout the site. Effective use of bright pictures as a background. 

Multimedia Art Museum

(Moscow, Russia).

NATIONAL Gallery in Dresden

A great example of an organization a clear and intuitive menus.

Museum of Fine Arts  Rijks Museum

(Amsterdam, The Netherlands). The site of the museum is a good solution to demonstrate the various headings, soprovazhda emyh illustrations. 


(Munich, Germany) – German National Museum of Science. The site of this museum is interesting first of all navigation on the site and an illustrated menu. 


Museum of marijuana and hashish in Amsterdam, Holland. The site of this museum is interesting symbolism that is present in every element of the web interface.

National Museum of Nature and Science

(Tokyo, Japan). Draws attention to an interesting navigation on the site.

Dostoevsky Museum

in St. Petersburg – a great example of great photos in web design. 


(Athens, Greece). Interestingly oragnizovano menu and navigate to the site.

The National Railway Museum

(York, UK). This site demonstrates the effective use of large and vivid pictures, as well as good implementation of two different kinds of menus at the top of the web page.

Lviv brewery museum

(Lviv, Ukraine) – a great example of using different options Flash – this is a big 3d-view of the city, and flash animation. Besides amusing implemented menu. Good Best Museum Websites

The Walt Disney Family Museum

(San Francisco, CA, USA) – ?to and excellent use of large-format photographs, and a drop-down menu and change the color menu.

Prague Beer Museum

(Prague, Czech Republic) – a vivid example of using the old paper textures for decoration in general, site interface and menus.


Best Museum Websites (Sydney, Australia). On the site there is an art gallery just three sliders that help provide a broader part of the paintings are in galleries.


Museum of the History of Dutch art. The interface of the museum site is presented as a few wall posters.

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