Tips for a healthy Lock-down Relationship

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Touch is the biggest tool to express and shape emotions such as gratitude, affection, and sympathy. It builds, strengthens, and helps sustain human relationships and is essential to bonding and intimacy. Without touch, it is difficult to form intimate bonds and express our feelings.

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With the current corona-virus situation, many people are deprived of physical contact like social kissing, handshaking, and hugging. On the other hand, many of us are constantly living with our partners – having its own impact on our personalities. Undoubtedly, the pandemic is affecting the lives of us all either the singles or the partners living together all the time.

The absence of physical contact could bring detrimental physical and emotional effects – to romantic relationships. The main benefit of having a partner is emotional support and being able to seek physical safety from each other. But isolation and fear of catching something can make your partner feel rejected, leading to erode trust and cause a lot of resentment.

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Why it is so important?

A positive relationship can help to reduce ‘stress’ which is naturally prevailing because of the special circumstances of global lock-down. It also encourages healthy lifestyle choices, giving you a sense of purpose. For single daters who are looking a suitable partner, Match Me Happy is one of the best free uk dating sites – which really hits the spot and does exactly what you want it to do every single time. It is a vibrant community of genuine UK singles, where Online dating is super easy and fun.

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How to make a lock-down relationship work?

Once you are in a relationship – online or in person, new or prevailing, what you can do to ensure that your love life doesn’t get damaged because of the global lock-down situation? What does it require keeping it healthy and lasting? Let’s discuss these aspects considering my opinion and experience.

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What I have experienced from my four years’ married life is that the ”healthy relationships bring out the best in you and make you feel good about yourself”. You cannot be blissfully happy all the time, but everyone involved should feel supported and connected. Taking Responsibility, Trust, kindness, healthy conflict, fun, honesty, and independence are the key signs of a healthy relationship. Here is what else you can do to make a lock-down love life work:

  • Consider your needs, and theirs
  • Catch-up on each other regularly
  • Do shared activities
  • Appreciate each other’s efforts
  • Make future plans
  • Give each other space
  • Work on your communication
  • Get creative
  • Discover something new
  • Let go of small issues
  • Express gratitude
  • Look after your mental health
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A recent relationship study suggests : “Even though we like physical contact with others, being more careful and reserved for a few weeks is definitely not going to kill anyone, so show patience and understanding, use digital devices to stay in touch and work on your communication skills. Even though physical touch is one of the most important love languages, it’s only one of five, so maybe take this time to discover new ways of giving and receiving love.”

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