5 Good Reasons Assisted Living Is a Great Option for the Elderly

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While so many seniors and their families are often fearful of what life would be like in an assisted living residence, they are amazed when they discover all the special amenities and services available. Altogether too many people have an impression in their mind’s eye of those 19th and 20th-century nursing homes where patients were left lying in their beds or sitting in a chair at the bedside.

Those models of nursing homes are so far in the past (let’s hope!) that they are actually quite laughable if it weren’t sad for the patients who had no other choice. Today’s seniors have wonderful options in assisted living residences that they more often feel like they are living the condo lifestyle than an assisted living life. Let’s look at why that is.

1. Safety

One of the most important reasons for seniors to be in an assisted living environment is safety. A certain degree of memory disfunction is prevalent in most seniors and if it’s progressive, there may come a time when the patient is utterly without bearings of where they are. Many have wandered off in such a state and suffered serious consequences for it, like succumbing to freezing temperatures in their confusion. Memory care as part of an assisted living program can ensure their safety 24/7. Take, for example, the senior apartments at St. Louis Hills community. Memory care patients are monitored 24/7 so that they don’t wander off.

2. Help With Daily Tasks

Then there are the daily tasks that get left behind when mental clarity suffers. Things like taking medicine on time, bathing, and even little household tasks get forgotten. Medicine is a huge concern because missing a dose is often just as dangerous as taking too much. Support staff like qualified nurses and staff caregivers can closely monitor any questionable behaviors. They can certainly make sure meds are taken on schedule!

3. Socialization With Peers

Another benefit of living in a senior assisted living community is social interaction with peers. This is something they might not get when living in their own house. Many have passed on before them, others have moved to senior residences, and others yet have migrated to the sunny shores of South Florida. In any case, friends become scarce but when living in a community of people their age, there is plenty of socialization to be enjoyed. It is important to remember socialization is vital to the health of mind and body in seniors.

4. Group Activities

Much of that socialization is realized in group activities, planned and spontaneous. There are recreation areas where games and other enjoyable pastimes are kept stocked. Whether going on an outing with the case manager on a tour bus or playing a hand of rummy in the rec room, there’s always something to do.

5. Fine Dining Without Leaving Home!

One final benefit you probably hadn’t thought of is the fact that most, if not all, assisted living residences have at least one master chef on staff! Dining hours are usually from morning till dinner and meals can be ordered from a menu at any time during the day. When it comes to safety, how convenient is that? Great food without the fear of losing one’s way on an outing. Sounds pretty perfect, doesn’t it?

Above all is the safety of your loved one and as you can see, each of these reasons are rooted in providing a safe and enjoyable lifestyle for your loved one.  

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