Reasonably Best Hair Salons Around the World


On Sizzling Magazine, we normally focus on hair styles based on the current fashion trends around the World. Since that’s where we get the most of the readers juice. But then we know that our readers probably from United Kingdom would love to travel between the beautiful cities and towns (and may even need to for work), so in this article we have managed to showcase an elegant list of salons all over the world. So no more bad hair days on rainy trips! You’re welcome.

In this list, you will find all reasonable and amazing salons for the woman hairstyle and beauty cuts.

Athens – Vangelis Hatzis

If you’re in Athens, and you’re looking for a quick haircut than Hatzis is known for his dry cutting technique, and his posh salon attracts celebrities and socialites for top-notch blowouts too. You should head out to him straight!

Dubai – MariaDowling

If you’re heading out to Dubai for summer vacations and you would definitely want to have a great hair-do. Then my friend you should definitely visit her. Getting an appointment with the perfectionist Dowling is no easy feat. Acolytes also recommend her colleague Rebecca, a pro in cut and color. So you better check them out!

PARIS David Mallett

Paris, the city of love! Most of the travelers will love to visit this city. During the stay if you want a perfect hairstyle then why not going to David Mallett. He is so popular with top fashion photographers and stylists. Mr. Mallett creates perfectly tousled, quintessentially stylish Frenchwoman hair. He’s the best!

Bournemouth – Beauty Cuts

Bournemouth, a beautiful town of England! If you’re traveling to Bournemouth for your vacations this summer or winter whatever that is    :)   Don’t forget to visit Beauty cuts for a beautiful hair style. They are the top hairdressers in Bournemouth and you wouldn’t regret having a wonderful hair-do from them for sure.

We hope you have enjoyed this list and this will help you to locate these top salons for your hairstyle. Enjoy and don’t forget to share with your friends!

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