Fashion Revolution: How Luxurious Kaftans Altered 21st Century Fashion


In the 20th century, there were a couple of extraordinary fashion revolutions. There was the time women started wearing menswear led by the legendary Gabrielle Coco Chanel. There was the bohemian breezy style of the 60’s and the grungy, edgy looks of the nineties.

More than fashion revolutions, fashion in the 21st century seems to feature a number of odes to the past. We see designers recalling the roaring 20’s or the timeless 50’s on the runway but there haven’t been such significant fashion revolutions, except in one case – that involving the kaftan.

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From bold patterns to solid bright colours; embellished collars and sheer fabric, the luxurious kaftan is surely the most versatile piece of clothing in the market. The reason I associate the kaftan with being a revolution in fashion is how it has changed the formal game.

Before the kaftan, evening wear for women often came in the strapless form or spaghetti straps, were women were mostly seen showing skin. Luxurious kaftans however, have paved the way for women to look incredibly chic and formal without showing any skin. Despite being all covered up when wearing this piece of clothing, kaftans can nevertheless be worn for summer, so women can still look incredibly chic, even if they do not feel comfortable showing their body in summer.

Kaftans allude to a luxury life – time spent lounging on a yacht for whole days. They can be easily worn for a formal occasion as they can be worn for a day at the beach or for a barbecue. Luxurious kaftans have often been featured on the runways of the best designers – from Zuhair Murad to Roberto Cavalli and even Emilio Pucci.
Nowadays, with so much variety found on online shops and even in Australian boutiques,, women can buy kaftans with statement collars, embellishment or sheer fabric that would work well for any wedding or other formal occasion. You can choose to tie the kaftan at the waist to show more of your body or you can wear it loose and look fabulous.

Kaftans are hailed as the go to luxury style piece by many stylists and fashionista. From Cate Blanchett to Angelina Jolie; Nicole Richie and even Kim Kardashian, luxurious kaftans have been worn to award season, major movie premiers and even exclusive parties. Still, no one loves and wears the kaftan more than the sought after stylist, Rachel Zoe. And so, to concluded this celebration of the luxurious kaftan and the fashion revolution it has created, I leave you with the words of Rachel Zoe ? the woman who adores this style item,

“To me, kaftans are one of the most versatile pieces of clothing, meaning you can wear it from the beach to a barbeque to a cocktail party to a black tie event. Kaftans are timeless and I never leave home without a few when I’m traveling because you never know where you’re going to end up and need a Kaftan!”

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