5 Trending Men Hairstyles in 2018


As the year winds down, many people are thinking of the best way to make 2018 the best year of their life by achieving some of the goals they have been pursuing for some years now. It does not matter if you are running a business or employed at a company, it is important to have a fool proof plan for the coming year if you are to succeed. One of the simplest ways to remain relevant in 2018 is to adopt a trendy men’s hairstyle that will help you give the right first impression whenever you interact with people.

To help you maintain a stylish look, here are some popular men’s hairstyles that you can choose from and adopt for 2016 and also take help for some mens hair care products in 2020.

  Feathered hairstyle

This hairstyle can be worn by men that have short or long hair, with the main idea being to have the hair cut in layers so as to bring out the feathery effect. The layers can be styled as desired to give the hairstyle an elegant look.

The Man bob


This is the ideal hairstyle for men that are considering growing out their hair for 2016 so that they can achieve a distinctive new look. The hair length should be just above the shoulders for a sleek and neat look

Taper fade hairstyle

This hairstyle is quite famous with one of its signature styles being the pompadour fade which has been adopted by men for many decades. However, the 2016 taper fade is much more modern and can be worn for both official and casual events.

Overall, these hairstyles are a “must have” for men that want to look stylish in 2016 whenever they step out for business or when hanging out with friends.

Military Esque

If you want a very short hairstyle that is easy to style, then the military esque style is the best for you. For this hairstyle, the hair at the sides and back are cut really short but some hair is left on top to give it some structure.

Faux hawk hairstyle

This is an attractive hairstyle that gives the hair a lot of volume at the top of the head and can be styled to give a messy or even refined look. The hairstyle involves combing the roots of the hair at the front of the head, so that they meet on top where they are held using hair gel or other appropriate hair products.

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