Must-Have Shoes for Women in Spring and Summer 2020


While we may be in the dead of winter with spring seemingly so far away, designers are already well ahead of the game and showcasing the hottest trends for the upcoming season. One of the best ways to update your wardrobe, of course, is with accessories, and footwear is the ultimate accessory. So before you start shopping, here’s a look at some of the must-have shoes for women this spring and summer.

Look for Chain Details

Sometimes it’s not about the actual style of the shoe, rather it’s in the details, and spring and summer 2020 is an excellent example. Trending for women will be footwear with metallic chain detailing. The chain can be incorporated into the strap, or just as an added detail. The chunkier the better, as you want it to be really noticeable.

Think Bright, Bold, Sunny Colors

There will also be certain colors that prove to be very trendy this spring and summer, as many of the top designers have already showcased on the runway. Think sunny tones such as bright yellow and orange. While these colors may seem intimidating initially, you’d be surprised how easy they are to pair with various outfits. Your footwear can also act as that pop of color that really livens up your outfit.

Sandals with a Blocked Heel

Here’s a trend that many women will be happy to embrace, as a block style heel tends to be much more comfortable and sturdy than something like a stiletto. Blocked heel sandals also allow you to transition seamlessly between work-appropriate footwear and the perfect sandals for a night out on the town.

To add an extra element of style, opt for a designer sandal, such as the Gucci shoes you’ll find on high-end fashion sites like SSENSE. The Gucci Black GG Heeled Sandal features the popular block heel design and can work just as well for daytime as nighttime. SSENSE features a number of other fabulous and stylish options not just from Gucci, but other top designers as well. Find every color, heel height, and size with ease on their site.

Espadrilles – Do They Ever Go Out of Style?

Here’s a footwear style that consistently seems to pop up on the runways year after year and that’s espadrilles. Not only are they stylish looking, but they also tend to be very forgiving and comfortable since you can find them in so many different styles. If you want to be extra edgy, look for ones with straps that you can lace over your pants.

Heels with Artistic Touches

Now, this is a very specific design trend that can be a little harder to find but will certainly add to your wardrobe. Instead of just a standard heel on a shoe, look for a heel that has artistic touches of some sort, that really acts as the focal point. These tend to be showstopper shoes that can completely transform an outfit.

Update Your Footwear Style for Spring and Summer

Now that you’re up to speed on what the upcoming women’s footwear trends will be, you’re ready to update your collection.

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