How to date while observing Social distancing

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‘Facing adjustment’ has a great impact on someone’s personality. Undoubtedly, the recent Covid-19 pandemic has produced a great change in our lives. As the lock down eases, and we gradually make our way back onto public transport, or into malls or parks, while keeping a distance and hiding behind those face masks – we all have that feeling that the air between us has completely altered; giving us a feeling of risk.

This feeling of uncertainty hasn’t just been a blow for people who love buying strangers dinner. Old daters feel that they’ve been deprived of precious time to find a partner – a big problem that can result in mental illness and depression. However, dating is still possible – from a distance. Here’s a list of ideas for dating with social distancing:

YouTube museum tour

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On YouTube, you can find a walking tour of the Louvre in Paris, France or Prado Museum in Madrid, Spain. Try to synchronize or screen-share, so you have that feeling that you’re looking at the same art at the same time together.

Create art together 

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Using whatever art supplies you have on hand, decide on something to draw or paint together. At the end, you can show each other the results of your craft time.

Solve a virtual escape room

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An escape room is an immersive problem-solving scenario – you’re literally in a room trying to follow clues, usually tied to a fictional situation, in a limited amount of time.

Movie night

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Services like Netflix Party have gotten a lot of attention since the days of social distancing began. Pick something you both haven’t watched and enjoy!

Share a virtual dinner

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Put on some nice clothes, order food, or eat whatever you’ve cooked, get together via screen-share to have an in-restaurant feel.

Virtual date

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Virtual dating offers countless benefits, from saving time to boosting safety, to creating space to get to know someone before diving headlong into each other’s lives. For example, Glasgow dating Site is a very friendly platform that makes it easy to discover like-minded single people. Glasgow dating offers a targeted dating experience where you can be confident that you’re chatting to someone local.

Online gaming

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There are plenty of options for games to play together online, particularly if one or both of you play video games already.

Book club it

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Pick something to read, watch or listen to that you both can talk about. This could be an album/article, a podcast, or a short story.

Grocery Run

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Find a time when the grocery store is relatively empty and shop together through the grocery list while having a fun chat.

Outdoor picnic — six feet apart

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Scope out an uncrowded hill or park space a few days in advance. Prepare a menu of easy-to-pack picnic fare. Curate a list of topics, or questions you want to ask one another.

Listen to Music

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There is something sacred and indulgent about listening to songs together (or separately) that make you feel tender. Prepare questions in advance. Like, what song reminds you of your childhood?

Write letters

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Letters are a great option, as they physical reminders that can be kept and reread and are a welcome romantic addition to weekly video calls.

Make a regular phone call

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It’s exhausting for a relationship to exist only in a digital frame. So, you both can allow yourself for a less static experience through a phone call.

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