Staple Jewellery to Travel With


Traveling and taking your favourite jewellery with you can be tricky.

There are some especially efficient pieces of jewellery to travel with which can allow you to be chic and at the same time travel light. Ideally, the space allocated for jewellery should be way more, but it would not be practical because of all the weight and the fact that other things should be prioritised when traveling. Since that is the case, your bijoux options need to fit your tiny portable wardrobe! There is no need to panic about what to fit in there if you plan this as you should!

Here are some of the most elegant and light-weight options for you to choose:

A pair of diamond studs

Bring with you the lightest diamond studs you may own. The smaller, the better. This essential piece of jewellery can complement both casual and formal looks equally nicely. They can be worn easily in a beach setting and are some of the firmest earrings even when you go for a swim while wearing them. (which is not advised but totally possible)

On a business trip, diamond studs could act as your “compass”. The one essential next to which all the rest are going to be decided. You can match it with diamond tennis bracelets, a golden bangle or even simply your reading glasses.

Small gemstone drop earrings

These earrings can be a bit heavier than the aforementioned diamond studs but they are perfect for a night out or a celebration. Hence this style of earring is essential for any bijoux box. Matching gemstone drop earrings with your clothes can be super easy in a casual or leisure setting. It can be as easily paired with a pair of jeans, baggy blouses and shirts, pip toes or high heels and to top it all off, with some sparkling cocktail gemstone rings.

A Classic Diamond Tennis Bracelet

Diamond Tennis Bracelets are the ultimate sport luxe fashion pieces. Ideally worn with a tennis attire, but not only, they are the piece you have to take with you if you want to be  dressed casually but still look unique. Although diamond tennis bracelets are synonymous with sport luxe fashion it can be easily worn in more professional and formal settings essentially making it the jack of all trades of jewellery pieces. Easily enjoyed in both leisure and business trips so it is one of the safest choices to take with you, and can complement other pieces of jewellery you may take with you nicely.

Golden Bangles

Gold bangles are tennis bracelets’ little siblings. Rigid in their structure as they do not feature a chain design, these pieces are fixed in form. Usually seen in summer outfits but not exclusively, bracelets are a good replacement for the tennis bracelets but can also be exceptional complementary pieces when worn together with them. An easy match with many clothes such as jean shorts, tank tops and drop or hoop earrings, they are very convenient to wear and can be taken with easily as they are usually pretty slim.

Friendship Bracelets & Anklets

Friendship Bracelets and anklets are essential pieces if you plan on going on summer vacations. There is nothing more fashionable than the essential beach combo:
Sunglasses, Bikini and Anklet-Bracelet combination is sometimes thought to be as timeless as wearing diamonds.

Cocktail Rings

Cocktail rings are almost like statement pieces, but smaller and lighter. If you want to travel in style you have to take some Cocktail rings with you. In social situations (like traveling for a wedding) and leisure traveling they can be life saving. Different colours allow for different combinations which gives enough options for quick trips and party situations!


It all boils down to the factors mentioned in the beginning. Sorting out your wardrobe first and foremost, then finding out what matches your wardrobe and the occasion of the trip. Basing your judgment on your own aesthetic values is always the wisest thing to do, but without forgetting the importance of simplifying life! Traveling effortlessly takes a lot of trial and error but when you find the sweet spots you are sure to become a lifestyle prodigy without compromising your outfits no matter the occasion.

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