Easy yet Trendy hairstyles for Girls 2018


Trendy Hairstyle 2018: Change things up, crack your very own constant hair styling  habit by trying these easy and amazing hairdos. Follow the step by step guide mentioned with each hairstyle to give it a go…

Trendy Hairstyles 2018


Trendy Hairstyles 2018


Trendy Hairstyles 2018

1. Start with damp (not soaking wet!) hair. Gently brush it free of tangles and place a headband on top of your hair. You can pin the headband in place with a few bobby pins towards the front to keep it from moving.

2. Take a small section of hair and pull it up then down the inside of the headband; basically wrapping it around the headband.

 3. Continue wrapping this section of hair around the headband to the ends.

 4. Repeat this step with the rest of your hair. Use a few bobby pins to hold things in place if any of your hair feels loose.

5.  Go to sleep!

6. Wake up! Your hair should look something like the bottom left picture above (a little disheveled but dry). Pull out the pins and start unwrapping your new curls.


Trendy Hairstyles 2018


Trendy Hairstyles 2018

1.Take the start with clean, brushed hair swept to one side. I like to sweep my hair to my right side and start the braid on my left.

2.Take a small section of hair just above your ear and split that into three sections.

3. You can make your braid a traditional French braid by crossing the sections over each other or a Dutch braid (as I did here) by crossing them under each other.

4. Add some hair to your furthest right strand and again cross it under the middle strand. Again cross the furthest left strand under the new middle strand.

5.Continue adding hair to one side and crossing your strands under as you move along the nape of your neck. Try to keep the braid low and tight.

6.You should add your final section of hair to the braid when you reach just below your right ear. This will help your braid fall nicely on your shoulder.

7.Finish braiding to the ends of your hair and tie off.


Trendy Hairstyles 2018


Trendy Hairstyles 2018

1. Flip your hair forward and brush thoroughly; I like to keep my brush handy and continue to brush small sections as I go along.

2. Take a small section at the nape of your neck and begin your braid.

3. Add small pieces of hair to each section as you braid; tuck each section underneath the other sections for a Dutch braid like mine.

4.  You can stop adding hair to your braid when you reach your ears.

5.Gather all of your hair and twist into a simple top knot; secure it with an elastic and a few bobby pins.


Trendy Hairstyles 2018


Trendy Hairstyles 2018

1.Place a headband on top of your hair.

2.Take a small section of hair and wrap it around your headband.

3. Pull the section tight.

4.Keep taking small sections of your hair and wrapping it around your headband.

5. If you have shorter hair, you might need to use a few bobby pins as you go, or at the very least when you get to the last, short section of hair.

6. Place bobby pins in your hair sideways.


Trendy Hairstyles 2018


Trendy Hairstyles 2018

1.Take a section of hair from the top of your head and twist it. You want less hair than if you were doing a half up do.

2. Back comb the twist a bit, and then twist it into a messy bun. Insert a bobby pin or two to hold in place. If it feels loose, take it down and backcomb it a bit more, then try again. The backcombing really makes this style hold.

3.Take another section of hair under your first twist and twist that. Backcomb it, spin it into a messy bun, and pin in place.

4. Take your remaining hair, twist, backcomb, and pin.

5. Insert any additional bobby pins if necessary, and mess up the hair a bit to keep it looking soft.

Enjoy Your favorite one and write to us how much you liked it!

Credits/ and Photography: Rebecca Stice. Photos edited with A Beautiful Mess Presets for Lightroom.

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