Top Hairstyles for All Bridesmaid to Rock the Look



A perfect hairdo is essential to complete the bridesmaid look. If you are thinking of making a distinct style statement you can opt for these styles.

Bridesmaids are supposed to look uniformed. However, who doesn’t want to flaunt something that will make them look more like themselves, more real? So, when dressing up as stunning bridesmaid for your best friend’s wedding in the dress that she has chosen, you must be thinking what signature style you can incorporate with the look that will make a different style statement.

It is true that mismatched dresses for bridesmaid are in trend these days but what if your friend is a follower of tradition? If so, she may prefer to stick to the traditions of same bridesmaid dresses. But when you are thinking of adding a little individual touch in your look so that you can be distinct from others you can opt to play a bit with the hairdo.

So, here are a few quick styles we have picked for you. Choose the one that will go perfectly with the dress, your look and most importantly with your personality.

The Pixie


Maybe you are a bit boho chic on the other days. However, at a wedding where you are a bridesmaid it is obvious that you would like to leave that boho chic avatar at home and dress up with a feminine charm. So, how to do that with a pixie hair cut? Here is your plan.

Take some pomade and rub it in both of your hands. Then apply it to the root of your hair but in the opposite direction you want your hair. Next step is to style your hair in the direction you want it to go. If you feel the look is pale, opt for a stunning and sleek hair band. You can add a little jewel tone with it while ditching other accessories.

The Goddess Braid

Add the girl next door charm in your attire with these goddess braid styles. If you are thinking of what to do with your short length hair then here is a solution for you.

First, French braid the front of your hair. Keep on doing it till you reach the lower half of your hair. Keep some bobby pins handy, you will need to secure the braid with them now. Add decorative hairpins with the hairdo to perk up the glam quotient. Adding some beautiful flowers with the pins will be a god option too if you are going to attend an outdoor wedding. Perfect to team up with short dress for bridesmaid it is the best hairdo that you can choose.

Side Swept Look

If you are thinking about adding a Hollywood dramatic charm, you can opt for this look. Simple, glamorous and effective, this hairdo is perfect to make you look stunning. Make sure that your hair is classically curly or wavy. Sweep it to one side. It will be perfect if you are choosing this style with a classy flowing gown or one shoulder dress.

Princess Braid

Going to wear an off shoulder or sweetheart neckline dress? Totally loose hair can be boring with the look. Opt for princess braid. Take a small section of hair from one side and start braiding. Once done, fix it with pin at the back of head. Repeat the process at the other side of your head too. Pin it again at the same place at the back of your head. Add decorative pins to complete the look.

French Braid Chignon

If you want to flaunt your dainty long neck, this hairstyle can be perfect for you. Part your hair at one side. Start making French braid from one side till the back of the head. Secure it with bobby pin. Do the whole thing again from the other side of your head. Tease the loose hair a bit and then roll it up in a bun. Twist it and then pin to fix. Add two or three small flowers to complement the look.

Choose your style and surely, you will make a stunning style statement. No matter how same dress you are wearing, your significant hairdo will make you stand apart from the crowd.


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