Top Brand new perfumes to add to your Collection Now!


Spring is no longer in the air and winter is yet to come, but why should that stop you from embarking on new aromatic adventures? Why not perk up the sultry monsoon wafts with fresh colognes or audacious florals? Or take a pick from perfumes with marine inspirations and gourmand surprises? The middle of the year seems to be a good time to take stock of the best that’s buzzing on the perfume counters, considering all the new launches that are coming out around this time this year. Here’s our edit for new fragrances that are worth a whiff.

1. Hermès Eau de Citron Noir


Finger lime, Buddha’s hand fruit, eureka lemon, kaffir lime… so many unusual varieties of citrus appealed to master perfumer Christine Nagel, but it was finally the smoky and distinguished black lime that stood out as the key note of his newest offering. The best part of this cologne is that it works for everyone (men or women), and at all times—from midday to midnight. It’s insanely fresh with seductive smoky accents, which is an unusual olfactory pairing. So what’s the inside story? The small, tangy lime is boiled in salted water and then dried in the warmth of the sun over many weeks, till it gradually takes on a deep brown, almost black colour and its aroma becomes mellow and smoky. 

2. Chloé Nomade


This Chloé offering takes a detour from its signature inspired-by-rose notes and ventures into the green zone with Mirabelle plum, freesia and oakmoss. The attention-attesting scent is perfect for those who like to announce their arrival and leave a trail that lingers long after they depart. Interestingly, the nomadic spirit of French actor Araine Labed was captured in the Indian dunes of Rajasthan for its campaign visuals.

3. Calvin Klein Eternity Air


Exhilarating and uplifting, this one claims to be the new essence of infinite love. The Eternity Air male and female fragrances capture all of the different shades and textures of the sky, and manage to strike the perfect balance. In the feminine version, grapefruit oil, blackcurrant absolute, peony, and pear rest on a seductive base of cedarwood oil, ambergris and skin musk. The men’s interpretation is more sea breeze-inspired, with the presence of mandarin, juniper, lavender, green apple and violet leaves soaking in the utter richness of patchouli oil, sea moss and ambergris. 

4. Mr Burberry Indigo


How about a scent that is reminiscent of crisp air along the British coast? The new aroma by Burberry features zesty and herbal top notes of lemon oil, blackcurrant and rosemary. Green violet leaf, driftwood and spearmint are layered over a warm and earthy base of amber, white oak moss and musk here. Try it for a casual and easy-going edition of the original Mr Burberry. 

5. Bond No 9 New York Oud


Bond No 9 is an American perfumery brand that specialises in creating scents inspired by the sights and smells of NYC. And its latest offering is a play of contrasts where the traditional oud comes in a modern avatar, appealing both to western as well as eastern sensibilities. What you have is a rich blend of exotic oud, saffron and teakwood with patchouli, rose, vetiver and orange zest—the staples of western perfumery. Ideal for the woman who wants it all, this soft, sensual and utterly feminine fragrance is perfect for date night.

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