Posing for a Photo? These 5 Hairstyle Tricks will Make You Look Stunning No Matter the Occasion


Spring and summer are usually the unofficial seasons of big events that you have planned for a year. Whether there are weddings, prom nights, reunions, or that longed vacation that is finally getting closer, this is the peak of happening we are all looking forward to. During this series of events you will pose for a photo or two (usually a lot more), and this time you want to look perfect.

Remember, your best tricks are a unique, yet stylish hairstyle, stunning outfit and smartly used makeup. One very useful hack is to have various cute, but practical hairpins, clips and accessories at hand at all time. This way you will always be prepared for fast yet flawless coiffure, no matter the occasion.

From this point, all you need is to follow these simple tricks that will save you time and money.

Keep it Casual

You always want to look stylish and extra, especially on important or formal events, but remember, when the hairstyle is a little too done, it can look a bit severe when caught on a photo. The best trick is to just after giving your hairstyle that final touch, toss your hair around to loosen it just a little bit. That way it will get a natural and effortless look. 

Stylish and Unique Bun

Choosing a bun is always an excellent solution no matter the occasion or event. Moreover, a bun will make you look voguish and classy highlighting your cheekbones, neck and most gentle parts of your upper body. Buns are always considered to be the easiest and safest solution, yet the most stylish look you can choose.

Adding up some classy hair accessories, trendy makeup and matching jewelry will make you look just like a queen of the party. 

Braids are Always Cool

When you need an easy, yet unique and trendy solution, braids are always coming to the rescue. The most famous hairdo type of all time that you can use in almost every hairstyle and on every event. From braiding your hair fully to getting one casual and “messy” but stylish and boho braid will surely give your face that unique and gentle look everyone will remember.

Boho Ponytail

You want your hair to be picked up, but at the same time long and tidy in a way that is best matching your new skirt, and highlighting your beauty and style fully? That famous pony tale is the best solution in this scenario.

If you are more of a gentle and romantic soul, loosen it up for getting the best effect instantly. This way you will look effortlessly beautiful and one of a kind, confidently making your favorite photo memories.

Easy and Chick

Zero effort and flawless hairstyle. Sounds impossible? Maybe not precisely zero, but for sure much less than in any other solution. All you need is a bit of creativity, hairdryer, curlers and rollers, and a couple of interesting details that will distinguish your hair from any other. How to do it?

Make your hair wet or wash it with your favorite shampoo aroma, apply curlers or rollers, and keep it overnight. You would like to go for bigger curls, so you can get that wavy effect that always looks romantic. In the end, remember to apply just a little bit of a hair spray to make it last longer.

For ones who prefer faster ways to the perfect hairstyle, getting the curling iron or flat iron can be very helpful. Just remember not to overuse it, and to always protect your hair before.

The secret ingredient in this scenario is adding interesting details to your hair, like shiny clips, or hairpins. This will surely add up to your overall appearance and make you look stunning.

In the end, the final, yet most important trick, is to know how to pose for a photo. Get an ideal pose for your hair, whether it is showing one or both shoulders or highlighting your neck. Check in front of the *classy mirror* what looks best for you and always apply it. Put your chin forward so you can show that beautiful face shape and cute cheeks. Try not to stand totally straight, but naturally in a way that will give you a relaxed look. And always, but at all time, remember to have that cute smile on your face!

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