The Subs & Doms World – What it’s like being a part of it

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I’ve been posting a little bit about dating recently. The main reason for this is that I think it’s a subject that needs to be talked about more! Why is it such a taboo subject? In my opinion, it’s not talking about things that makes them become something to be ashamed of or embarrassed about.

The world of subs and doms is one of those touchy subjects that gets pushed under the carpet for fear of being ridiculed where many consenting adults enjoy a slightly alternative kind of adult entertainment in their private lives & that’s something they should be ok to talk about without fear of being classed as weird or kinky

What are subs & doms?

Let’s get this out in the open, because I’m guessing that many of us don’t actually know the definitions of these words, or what actually goes on in the world of subs and doms.

This is how the urban dictionary describes them:

The Dom plays the dominant role, whilst the sub takes the submissive stance. Both roles have their own appeal depending on what turns you on! For the dominant role, there’s a feeling of control over the submissive, which can be a huge attraction. The submissive will enjoy being controlled and being told what to do to their master.

You might be surprised to hear that it’s often the men who enjoy being the submissive, femdom dating is growing increasingly popular as women as – being a mistress – prefer relish taking control of their men. They may call the man their slave or force him to wear chains of restrictive clothing.

If you’re single, then there are a range of websites you can explore. These are a great way to find out more about what really goes on in a sub dom relationship, as well as giving you the chance to start chatting to people who might want the same as you.

In the world of sub dom dating, anything goes so long as both parties are comfortable. If you are going to explore this lifestyle, then it’s a good idea to come up with a safe word. A safe word is a word that you can say to make it clear that you’re no longer comfortable or that your partner has gone too far. When you’re in the throes of passion, shouting out “no” and “stop” might be seen as your partner by you just acting out your role, so it’s vital that you both know when you really need things to slow down.

You may also call it as dominatrix dating and if you’re interested in getting involved in this kind of relationship, then getting started can be the hardest part. If you already have a partner, then you might feel nervous opening up about what you really want from them. It’s vital that you do share your fantasies though. You might be surprised to find that your partner wants to give it a go too!

If this all sounds right up your street, then don’t be shy about it. Be proud of who you are and embrace your fantasies, it will probably be the best thing you ever did.

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