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The fonts you use on your blog can have a big impact on how the website feels to your visitors. The Typography reflects the nature of your website and helps to reinforce your brand in the visitors’ minds. Sometimes you just want to freshen things up without having to go through the arduous process of migrating to a new theme. Whatever the case, tweaking your WordPress blog’s fonts is a great way to change the look and feel of your website without investing a lot of time and effort.

I have always chosen Fontsy as the standard Font plugin for my website. Fontsy is all in one web font management plugin for WordPress, allowing you to import your own web fonts, or choose from our free web font library. Keeping things simple, yet sophisticated, it easily helps you create a beautiful and unique blog that stands out from the crowd!


  • Upload or Select your own fonts
  • Download fonts from our wide library of incredible fonts
  • No coding requires, select the fonts you want for any header type
  • The plugin is totally free

Most of the fonts that I usually use come from inside the US. Like the ones below, these are few of my favorite fonts. I recently used these in some posters – they looked highly professional.

Fontsy is compatible with any theme and is a convenient plugin to add Google fonts to your WordPress theme, without using code. Since the plugin integrates with the WordPress Customizer, you can preview the fonts in real time. By helping you make changes to font controls in your theme and make it available in the admin area, it pretty much gives you full control over the typography of your theme.


Even here we have less work to do. You can easily download Fontsy from WordPress font plugin page. Everything is simple with licensing too. All fonts are under Apache license, so the usage is pretty benevolent. And all fonts are published under the which allows you to copy, modify, and redistribute them if you need to.


Having a clear and straight design, there is no doubt that Fontsy has become one of the most popular fonts in web design. I’d like to highlight 3 of the main reasons why I use it:

  1. It has a readable shape, in which the white space takes the lead to create a sharp design.
  2. The elegant contrast of its strokes makes the body text easy to read.
  3. Being a comprehensive family font makes it a great choice for web design.


You can see that Fontsy is a perfect font for global services, even in countries that are using “non-English like script”, all the extra characters will be perfect and support the same look and feel.

Changing your WordPress blog typography styles is one of the quickest and easiest ways to alter the mood of your website and add up to it’s look, whether you accomplish it through your theme settings, the WordPress Live Customizer tool, or a free plugin like Style guide or WP Google Fonts.

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