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I’ve developed a frenzy for fonts during the recent past. In my blogging career, I’ve always tried to go an extra mile when it comes to make decision about the typography for my blog. I believe that fonts add value to your text. It helps readers to perceive information from the text. The correct choice of color, font and text size can prove to be vital for attracting your target audience.

Fontbundles is one of my all-time favorite font databases. A website which claims to provide to the best of fonts for designing at an incredible price. And trust me, you can hold them to that promise, and you would not be disappointed.

Their individual fonts are amazing. They are all worth each penny from pocket with all the doodle goodness — all those beautiful swashes, ligatures and alternate glyphs can easily make a Graphic Designer drool all over these fonts. Then there are bundles — this is where the magic begins. Each bundle they design is so carefully collated, with fonts that are somehow related to each other via their design purposes, and yet entirely different.


The Fontbundles site is highly organized and simple.

Free Fonts

There is a section of free fonts which includes regular such as Canvas Script and Beauty along with many others. There is also a Free Font of the Week every week.

Font Bundles

The best-sellers on the Fontbundles site are the Font Bundles. New ones are coming out all the time. There is one main one per month and then there are other special ones for crafts or handmade products. The fonts in each bundle are curated so that each font in the group covers one style.

New Fonts and Deals

In the Deals section, you can find exclusive fonts and font sets for discounted prices. The famous and fun Pinsetter font is in the deals section always.

Fontbundles Plus

Fontbundles also has a membership program. By subscribing to the program, you get major discounts and special prices.

Browse by Style

Also, you can browse by font style; Regular, Script, Logo, Foreign, Symbols, and Other Fonts.


Installing a font is super easy on font bundles;

•           When you download a font file, be it free or paid, it will arrive in your computer as a .zip file. Most computers will unzip when you double click on a .zip file. If your computer is a little dinosaur you might have to open a decompressing software first, I hope that isn’t the case!

•           Once you have unzipped the file you will have a folder with the font in .ttf or .otf format or both. Some will also have a web font option. For print and digital designs, your best option is always .otf. If using the fonts on a website, the choose the web font.

•           Install all the font file by double click on the files. They will open together, and you will have a button that says, “install font”, click that, and you’re done. Yes, it’s that easy!

Fontbundles also has a highly engaging Facebook page which is updated almost daily. So, if you are interested to get your favorite premium fonts free of cost, just participate in their free giveaways announced on the page and get the chance to win amazing bundles for free. How cool is that!


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It’s always important to familiarize your audience with your brand and your content. A good way to do this is to design your YouTube thumbnail image with the uniquely styled fonts, memorable colours, and a strong design – all you can get on fontbundles. Title image the first thing that viewers see when browsing through YouTube. It’s a small, clickable static image that either grabs their attention – or lets them scroll on by. You want it to grab your target audience and make them think, I need to watch this! The thumbnail is typically the first impression of your video, and essentially determines whether or not, people will click through.

On Fontbundles, you get a huge variety of cool and trendy fonts that you can add to the images for your YouTube videos. Their font bundles and special promotions always have the best fonts ready for all your projects. From script to serif to mono-space sans, there is a little bit of everything. If you’ve determined your business visual branding already, that’s awesome. Choose a nice, clean headline font from Fontbundles. You want something that’s clear and easy to read at a glance. Be sure the font Personality expresses your business brand. The sans serif or “gothic” fonts on fontbundles are my all-time favorite.


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Pinterest users are ideally ready to purchase whatever a small business sells. So, it is advisable to create images that will help them move through the buying process. There is both a higher trust factor and conversion rate on Pinterest. Almost 87% of the people use Pinterest over any other platform. Font bundles offers the best fonts to create images for Pinterest. The website offers plenty of free font downloads for you to create beautiful Pinterest images for a branding scheme for your clients. You should follow these tips:

  • Pick your Font wisely
  • Speak your follower’s language
  • Make your text simple to read
  • Create value
  • Get branded
  • Add call to action option
  • Make Pinterest a part of your social strategy
  • Humanize your organisation
  • Use the perfect tools


Photo by : Pexels

As a designer and crafter, I’m always looking for new fonts to use in my projects. Sometimes, I feel like a font hoarder! Fontbundles has greatly helped me achieve my goals for creating amazing party invites and e cards. Their fonts just hit the spot and deliver the best results through my beautifully crafted images. Fontbundles fonts are great for party invitations and party decorations!

I’ve purchased a couple of bundles from Font Bundles and now I feel flooded with these beautiful fonts around. There are fonts that will be perfect for wedding invitations, fonts that will blend beautifully with greetings cards for all occasions, fonts which will add the required x-factor to photo-quotes and the list goes on. So, check them out, Happy typography!

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