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The most common Fashion staples of mankind are always found rooted back in utility. Much of them started to be used in order to cope with specific human needs and then became a common must have for daily life, as a result of their prolonged use. For instance let’s take the example of Trousers/pants. Pants were introduced to be worn by the women when they were introduced to the workforce in world war 1. Similarly, Jean came in as a durable work-wear for the people working in labor firms such as factories. Sportswear was adapted in year 1970’s to meet the new lifestyle standards of Americans.

The New common however is the ‘Face Mask’. These masks greatly contribute in the protection against the global pandemic Covid-19 that has hit the world in 2020. Given their huge demand, they’re quickly becoming a common fashion accessory here to stay.

Fashion has always been a platform for self-expression and the era of 2020 has given a whole new definition to the fashion sense. The CDC has suggested that all people make sure to cover their nose and mouth when leaving the house and hence, the Big brands have been experimenting on creation of unique face masks. Many of us are choosing to showcase our individual style through them. Here we have highlighted some of the most unique yet appealing face masks that are bursting onto the latest marketplace.

Anne Sophie Cochevelou
House of Hohwa
PADI x Rash ‘R
Juliya Kros
Juliya Kros
Tumee Makes Masks
Mother Denim

Licensing suppliers are also seeing their openings amidst Covid-19 and are promoting their services across a variety of platforms. Michael Lewis, CEO of licensor FOCO, told that he estimates that four to six billion masks will be produced and sold in the next 12 months.

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