A Comprehensive Review of Wax Liquidizer

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Do you get high when you use wax liquidizers? THC tends to increase the potency of cannabis, and it can get you high with just a few puffs. Terpenes and wax liquidizers have a way of improving the overall vaping experience and are quite safer than what comes with vaping.

Wax liquidizer is a fluid that can turn the wax or concentrate into vape juice. This vape juice may then be used inside a vape pen to dab. There are different categories of vape liquidizers in the market today. Here is a breakdown of how to convert the concentrate into juice just by using the liquidizer.

Steps for the conversion of the wax

  • You will first have to take in the wax liquidizer in a ratio of two to one or as was prescribed.
  • The next step involves heating the mixture inside a microwave for ten seconds upon which you are to carefully stir it using the steel tool to get a well-mixed solution.
  • You can then put the vape juice in a vaporizer and enjoy the benefits that come with it.

You can use a different ratio of combination depending on your taste as a person. The wax terpene liquid can be gotten in different flavors. You may opt to mix it with flavors that have different concentrates to make it even more appealing.

The mixing ratio

Wax liquidizers need to be mixed in the right ratio; if one is to get the ideal taste, failure to do this will affect the final blend. The ratio is often provided on the charts by the makers along with the products. It is advisable that you strictly adhere to the outlined instructions if you do not want to damage the end product.

The liquidizer mustn’t change the vape juice color because it is designed to improve the texture and taste alone. Inadequate mixing has a way to affect the vape pen. It is thus instructive to be a bit careful during the mixing process. 

How to convert wax to liquid

Wax is one of the extracts of cannabis, also known as Butane, and has oil. It gets its name from its waxy texture. Wax often comes in diverse forms ranging from dark-colored waxes to resins. All forms of wax which you can access can easily be converted to e-liquid and after that stored inside a vape tank. E-liquid is one of the known types of THC.  It is still reputed as one of the most notable ways via which cannabis can be consumed.

Also, it is quite easy to prepare and is cost-efficient. Because it is a safer alternative, cannabis lovers always want more of it. By using wax liquidizers, you will be able to create your very own THC e-liquid.

You can turn the wax into e-liquid by using a combination of liquidizers, which include cannabis concentrates and terpenses liquidizer in the form of wax. The majority of the pre-filled vape cartridges you purchase from dispensaries are created using concentrates that are not pure cannabis.  You may thus create your own by using your hands. This represents the peak level of control, customization, and cost-saving.

What are the precautions to be mindful of?

  • Ensure to properly use the wax liquidizer to get the result you desire. Also, ensure that you adhere to the wax liquidizer company’s direction as it is written on the container.
  • Because you are doing it yourself, you may have to make some necessary adjustments.
  • In the case of the boiling technique, ensure you begin by using a low temperature before raising the same as you go on.

What are the materials required

The most vital material you require for making your e-liquid is the wax liquidizer. This is needed for creating a stable mixture that does not separate. You may also have to use a heat source and raw materials. Any grade or form of wax can be used for this venture. The liquidizer used may be natural terpenes.  The best tool for heating, in this case, is the microwave. You may, however, consider other sources of heat, especially if you are looking to use the boiling method.

Process of preparation

There are certain distinct methods you can use in preparing this mixture. Here is a breakdown of a few of them:

  • Boiling

To do this, you will first have to add up the wax liquidizer with the wax in a ratio of two to one. If you are looking to get a thick fluid, you may opt for a ratio of one to one. You can then proceed to heat the mixture inside boiling water for three minutes. You may use your towel as an insulator to prevent being burnt. You should then remove it from the microwave and stir it till you get a homogeneous mix. After you must have done this, you can transfer the e-liquid from the mixing container into the vape. You are to do this using a syringe.

  • Microwave

The first step here is to get the wax frozen to become solid; you will then remove it from the paper. Ensure that the tip of the microwaveable glass is moistened to prevent the wax from sticking to the glass. Add up one gram of the wax to the glass that is boiling and also add some wax liquidizer and put the mixture in your microwave for some seconds. Thoroughly mix stir it until the mixture is homogeneous. With the syringe, you should extract the e-liquid from the container and have it stored in the vape pen.

The chances are that you may experience certain challenges, such as getting a dark-colored e-liquid or an uneven end-result.

Last line

When you are purchasing the wax liquidizer, ensure that you make your purchase based on your needs. Do not be swayed by promises; ensure you check out the reviews and patronize only brands with a proven track record.

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