3 Personalized Bridesmaid Gift Ideas


Of course, you want your wedding day to be lovely. More than that–enchanting, memorable, and full of love and happiness! I hope your day is everything you’ve ever dreamed of. When it’s all over, you’ll have your photos, rings, and the person you adore. You’ll also have your dress boxed up, in case you have a daughter or a daughter-in-law who wants to wear it someday, and a heart full of precious memories.

With all these beautiful remembrances and mementos for you to hold on to, it’s a nice gesture to include something special for your bridesmaids as a “thank you” for their part on your wedding day. Let the groom worry about his groomsmen, it’s time for you to focus on the important women in your life.

A Personal Item

Something monogrammed is always a nice touch. These slippers and nightgowns are adorable, and especially appropriate for a destination wedding. A robe is also a good choice, but it seems like robes are less used than they once were. Or at least used less often than a nightgown or a sleep tee. But there are lots of stories out there about people stealing robes from nice hotels, so I could be wrong about that.

As an alternative, these pretty personalized mirror compacts can be ordered with each bridesmaid’s name on the front in a delicate cursive. An accessory like this is always a popular choice, especially when it’s so helpful for primping on the wedding day.

Something Practical for the Kitchen

If you want a gift they’ll use every day, these customizable best friends mugs are perfect. You can order the mugs with your wedding date inscribed, but I’d consider something that’s focused more on them and your friendship. Personalize one with a special nickname, meaningful quote, or your names linked together. The more you focus on your friendship, the more touched they’ll be.

An Elegant Photo

Why should you be the only one getting photos you’ll keep forever? See if you can wrangle some extra pics from the photographer for your bridesmaids. I don’t mean the regular, standing together all in line. I mean individual photos ensuring the lighting is just right and getting their best side, and then presenting the final product to each bridesmaid in a silver frame. Hopefully, they like their dress.

If they each have a bouquet, you can do a close-up of their faces next to their flowers. If you haven’t chosen flowers yet, Something Borrowed Blooms rents out beautiful wedding flower collections. They look real and photograph beautifully. Best of all, you’ll save a bunch of money and still have gorgeous flowers for you and your ladies.

If you can negotiate your photographer to include the bridesmaids’ photos, you’ll only need to worry about finding the frames.

These are just a few gift ideas for your bridesmaids. Feel free to scroll through Etsy and Pinterest and see if you find gifts that seem more your style.

If you’re ordering the gifts, I recommend deciding as soon as possible so you’ll have plenty of time for the delivery, especially because sometimes mistakes and delays do happen.

Wishing you a beautiful wedding day and an even more beautiful marriage. Good luck!

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