5 best long-lasting lipsticks


We all have been there. Most of you would agree that buying a lipstick can turn out to be one of the hardest things to shop for when it comes to makeup. People say it’s foundation, but it actually isn’t. After years of experimenting and going up and down makeup aisles, I think it’s safe to say I have found what I was looking for.

If there is one thing more alluring than reapplying your lipstick at the dinner table, it’s not reapplying your lipstick at the dinner table. What makes the task even harder is how these days, it seems to me like every lipstick ad is shouting about its product’s “long-lasting” abilities. Well, I hate to break it to you, but ads lie (at least sometimes, if not all the time). I have tested several of those long-wear lip colours in a valiant effort to bring you the truth: which ones are worth your hard-earned dirhams, and which ones will leave you searching through the bottom of your handbag all day long for touch-ups.

Finding that right shade of light, dark, natural that offers great pigmentation and long-lasting feeling can truly be a feat to conquer. What makes it all the more complicated is the plethora of choices available at the makeup aisles today. So, here’s a roundup of five lipsticks you need to add to your makeup bag right now!

Velvet Rope by Lipstick Queen (Dh250)

An absolute lippie lover’s delight! Deep pigmentation, easy application, smooth texture and, best of all, its long-lasting feature is what had me amazed. It is definitely priced at the higher end but, ladies, take my word. this is one amazing product (besides, every girl needs that one red lipstick in her clutch).

Provocalips by Rimmel (Dh47)

You have probably seen this one around. A drugstore favourite, Rimmel Provocalips is one of the best cheaper alternatives for a long-lasting lip colour. Provocalips delivers high impact endless colour with a delectably glossy finish. The intense colour is locked in place for up to 16-18 hours straight and will only come off with a makeup remover. It is a great option for working ladies, completely tossing away the worry of re-application altogether. The only downside to it is the sticky feeling that comes after three to four hours.

Ciate’s Glitz Fix kit (Dh110)

This product makes for an interesting choice. You can get your glam on in three easy steps with this one-of-a-kind lip treat. For irresistible, dazzling lips with easy application, begin with a slick of the Glitz Grip transparent sealer. Next, load up the applicator sponge with the loose glitter and gently roll onto lips for a standout pout. Glitz Fix also has a mini lip fan brush to sweep away any stray glitter for the neatest application. I put this on for night out that involved a lot of eating, drinking and dancing – the glitter effect stayed on and didn’t require any touch-ups at all.

Revlon Ultra HD (Dh52)

Broadcast your lips in high-definition with the new Revlon Ultra HD lipstick. I have been a huge fan of this game-changing new lipstick formulated with Revlon’s wax-free, high-definition gel technology that allows for true colour clarity in one smooth coat. The secret is in the clear gel base, which provides a weightless feel with a smoother, more even application than traditional wax-based lipsticks. Just one coat of the deliciously scented, silky formula and lips are instantly hugged in rich weightless colour that lasts up to five hours.

VDI Lip Cut Rouge (Dh120)

VDI is the latest addition to The Face Shop’s beauty section. The long-lasting lip colour is beyond amazing, providing a well-contoured lip and minimal need for touch-ups. You can create a full, matte look and design your lips without any smudging. To add shine or a shimmery touch, add some Vaseline to soften lips and you are good to go for the rest of the day.

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