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Hello there! In today’s blog post, I’m going to be reviewing 2 products from US-Based beauty and wellness brand Stella & Dot. You’ve probably not heard of Stella & Dot before, so this blog post will shine a spotlight on this phenomenal brand and hopefully inspire you to try some of their amazing products. I love trying new products and particularly enjoy supporting independent brands, so I couldn’t wait to share my thoughts.

I had a chance to speak with S&D ambassador Naureen Chaudhry. The lady fairly explained me their products line and I decided to try two of their best seller products – Honestly I was amazed to try them, a body butter and the other one is their top famous Whiplash mascara. Both products are affordable and the body butter smells fantastic. If you’d like to hear my thoughts, then keep on reading.

What is Stella & Dot?

“Every purchase supports an independent woman in business, her local community, and Stella & Dot’s greater goal to create flexible income for women around the world. That’s fashion you can feel good about”


Stella & Dot is a US beauty and wellness brand built around with a simple mission: to help women be their own boss, on their own terms. Stella & Dot is more of a community than a company, more of a movement than an old-school business. Here, we believe in you doing you, better than you’ve ever done before. And nothing is more gorgeous than that.

Named after the founder grandmothers, Stella & Dot honors that generation of women who crossed oceans, rolled up their sleeves, won the vote, raised kids, went off to work, and did it all with style and grace. Today, this is how they’d do it. Stella & Dot also offers work from home opportunity for women to give them a chance to run their business the way they want, providing them with a fantastic chance to earn flexible income without having to leave home – How cool is that!

There are three brands in the Stella & Dot family namely Stella & Dot – Jewelry, fashion, handbags & more, Second is KEEP – Collective sentiment through Charms and Thirdly EVER beauty. So it majorly covers the women needs for Makeup, Clothing, Handbag’s, Accessories and skincare products. I have not yet tried their products other than skincare, but the website shows great collections especially for the handbags and the accessories are amazing – Something which a jewels freak like me, is always attracted to 😉

EVER beauty offers clinical results without harsh ingredients like skin care and make up. The best sellers in this line include Lavish body butter, LSR10 youthful serum and Whiplash mascara. Here are the reviews for the two products I have tried:

Lavish body butter

I loved this product! It has a designer feel to it. It smells amazing for a long time after application. But you don’t need to constantly be reapplying as it instantly feels mega soothing.

The Body Butter came in a sturdy flat, round tub. It pack away easily in small bags, and because the cream is thick, it keeps its form until application. The screw-on lids are easy to maneuver and feel secure. Another plus? the tubs aren’t filled to the top with the cream close to the lid, so there’s less chance of messing up the container.

If you’re looking for a body cream that will last throughout the day, The Lavish body butter may be just what you need. Across the board, I loved the butters’ fragrances, texture, ease of application and how great their skin felt after using it—in fact, my skin felt “instantly soothed.”. The original price of the product is around 42$ and I will never hesitate to say that this Stella & Dot Body Butter is worthy of the each cent you will pay for it. Try it and thank me later!

Whiplash Mascara

Finding the best mascara is a very personal thing, considering the shape of your eyes, the quality of your lashes, the look you want to achieve, the mascara formula, and the type of wand you prefer. I am greatly thankful to Stella & Dot for sending me this amazing mascara which really has helped achieve those natural looking falsie effect lashes – that I have been long waiting to!

At a very affordable price of 25$, this Stella & Dot mascara holds curl all day, lengthens, separates and coats lashes in the blackest black we’ve seen from nearly any mascara, ever. It’s also waterproof, so you can expect the formula to stay put all day no matter the climate. No, really—it’s quite impressive how little this mascara budges once it’s on. Prepare to be seriously wowed.

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