Why Are Decks So Popular with Aussie Homes?

Architecture and Design

In Australia, a home without a deck seems to have something missing. It has become a quintessential part of the Australian home. One of the perks of living in Australia is the size of our country compared to the inhabitants. We have a lot of space, and with a lot of space, comes larger properties and homes.

Compared to many places around the world, Australians are really able to create a home that includes everything they could possibly need. Rarely limited by space, it is easy to see why Australian’s take great pride in their homes. With such freedom, it comes with a certain lifestyle and if you combine Australia’s love for the outdoors with their love for their homes, it is easy to see why decking and outdoor areas are so popular with Australians.

From the perfect garden patio to the garden paths- decking serves so many functions and comes in many different forms. Versatile and a great addition to any home, Aussie homes love their decks. Within the Australian lifestyle, there are many reasons why decks have risen to this level of popularity, so let’s explore why.

Spoiled with choices

Australians like to invest in their deck, which is why it has become just as valuable as having an upgraded kitchen or bathroom. From the materials they use, to its size and design- Australian’s love to get the best out of their home. With so many natural materials to choose from and resources to tap into, there are so many options to suit any home. Spoiled for choice, Australians are able to create a truly incredible space. From composite decking to using sustainable hardwoods like bamboo, there is an option for every home out there, regardless of budget and needs. This is one of the reasons with decks are so popular with Aussie homes- because we have the ability to create something special and build our lifestyle around it. That is what a deck is for us.

Aesthetically Pleasing

Gone are the days where decks were just something carelessly put onto the back of a home. As their popularity increases, so has the care in which builders and homeowners take with constructing and designing the perfect deck for their home. From terraces to patios, it is easy to see why other homeowners may become inspired by those around them. It allows people to express themselves creatively. Many homeowners who own decks, will spend money on the creature comforts, like comfortable furniture and desirable décor. It is more than just an outdoor space; it is another room to the home and it is a room enjoyed by many. By creating homes with desirable decking, it helps spread the trend to other people, especially because there is a whole lifestyle associated with having that great deck attached to your home.

Lifestyle Factors

As mentioned above, having a deck brings a certain lifestyle to your home. Increasingly, people are extending their homes from the inside to the outside with elaborate outdoor entertaining spaces; from woodfire ovens and fire pits, to outdoor storage and fridges- the fact we live in a country that is so synonymous with outdoor entertaining has definitely played a major role in the evolution of the great Australian deck. Many decks these days have also been known to surround pools or spas, which gives it a whole new purpose and space for entertaining. When a deck is upgraded or built, it has been shown that those living in that home tend to spend more time outside enjoying it. Whether you are planning to entertain frequently, or just enjoy spending time outdoors, enjoying the lifestyle that having a great deck has- it is easy to see why decks have become such an integral part of the home.

Protection from the Elements

The great thing about having a deck is that no matter what the weather, your plans can still go on. These days, decks are so well-constructed, especially with the harshness of the Australian climate in mind, so you do not have to worry about everybody being crowded indoors if your plans are affected by weather conditions. Protection from the harsh Australian sun, with many decks these days also have fans and cooling systems installed or making sure your guests stay dry in a sudden downpour, a deck is a must-have for those who love to entertain. We Australians love to spend our time outdoors, so having a great deck is just another way can ensure we can still get our time outside without having to worry about the weather.

Enjoying Nature

We have some incredible flora and fauna here in Australia, so why not find another way to enjoy it? Incorporating trees, plants and other such elements into your decking design brings you back into nature while keeping your protected from the harshness of our environment. There is nothing worse than being stuck inside all day and not experiencing the beauty that nature has to offer. With great decking solutions, you will feel motivated to want to be outside and that is a reason why decks are so popular with Aussie homes.

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