Tips for planning a Stag Do


Planning a stag? here’s all what you need to know.

If you have been asked to be the best man and you know for certain that it can be greatly honorable situation for you. Well, planning a stag can most of the times feel like a poisoned apple. When you’re coming up with stag party ideas after taking a lot of stressful thinking time and also keeping everything in budget and inline is a bit of hassle isn’t it? oh and yes also keeping the attendees in mind.

Well, in order to get your stag party booked all you need to do is not getting panicked and just have a quick read to the following golden tips on how to enjoy your stag do weekend.


Time is money! yes that’s correct. You need to keep this in mind that all the things are done in timely manners will always get good endings and reviews. Sometimes you think you have plenty of time and you have it all covered but you will be stunned on how fast this time goes and all your plans get knocked out at late notice so here’s what you need to do,

  1. Should have at least a few weeks’ time so you can coordinate (could be a month or more if you have more flights to book oh and reservations along).
  2. Enough time for the big guy (groom off course) to have a breather and recover from the stag party before his other big day arrives (wedding day exactly).

Haven’t you heard? It’s always best to book early so you can surely get the best deals for you and your squad. I have seen good bunch of stories when stags turn up really late for an activity, don’t follow time so they have lost their time slot. It can put a real dampener on the weekend to be honest. 

The Date

Yes lads you need to decide on the date early! We lads all live busy and action-packed lives (this is what we assume what happens after getting married) and the big gentleman (yes the groom) will be busy in the run-up to the wedding so you have to be sure to avoid any or all clashes by booking well ahead of time.

Call or message (whatsapp might work) to check with as many of the attendees as possible.

Just keep in mind that weather is a good factor in such days. Shouldn’t be a public holiday and neither should it match with any other weddings or birthday celebrations.

The Venue

It’s always the groom to pick a place where he wants to do the stag on his last weekend being a single man which is pretty much the deciding factor on where the venue should be.

Stag Destination, activities, list of people to be around with at the venue, number of days and most importantly the budget friendly event so all things to be considered at most.


Every small detail counts and it creates a big difference between an average stag party and an EPIC stag party. You must think ahead and try to hit and round up as many bases as possible to set the groom up with the best weekend of his lifetime(honestly yes). Such small things as;

  • Dress codes
  • Dares and challenges
  • Places to eat
  • Check in and check out times
  • Games
  • Paperwork for insurances and visas

So we have covered the bases of best stag do’s of your long lasting lifetimes and yes stags, be epic and don’t forget to share this with your friends and family. We have made a quick summary below just for your quick reference. have a quickie look!

How to Plan a Stag Weekend

  1. Pick the date
  2. Check it doesn’t clash with a cup final
  3. Choose the destination
  4. Decide on the budget
  5. Get all the guests to commit
  6. Keep everyone updated with plans
  7. Check list the small stuff (transport, food, etc)
  8. Get a stag company to do the hard work for you

Lads…Hope you have enjoyed! Have a good weekend, peace out.

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