Living In Dubai – The Pros & Cons through my Experience

I am an Asian and have been Living in Dubai for almost a year. People have different opinions when it comes to express their experiences of living here. Dubai is very much famous for luxury shopping, ultramodern architecture and a lively nightlife scene. Burj Khalifa, an 830m-tall tower, dominates the skyscraper-filled skyline which is the world’s tallest building that has ever built so far.
Living In Dubai

After coming to Dubai, I came along with so many new things (as a city). I had mixed feelings, i mean Dubai is undoubtedly full of  luxuries that you will never find in any other city in the world. On the same time it has it’s bad side which can not be ignored. I take it as good and bad both but definitely most of it is good. In this post i am going to outline my experience of living in Dubai by portraying the main obstacles you face during your time at Dubai as well as the positive things Dubai has to offer to its newly arrived residents!



Living In Dubai
What Surprised me the most on my arrival to Dubai was the cleanliness of the City! Cleanliness is what makes this city beautiful and they do take it quite seriously. There will be no shortage of toilet papers, bidet and cleaning staff in any public toilets. Believe me Dubai has the cleanest public toilets which you will never find in any other city.

Friends from all over the World!

Living In Dubai

When you’re out with your friends in Dubai, it looks like you’re representing the United Nations. You will have the chance to meet and communicate with people from almost more than 50 countries and this really helps you boost your communication and interaction skills. Especially if you have worked at Dubai you are in position to deal with people from all over the world. Its a lifetime benefit of living here.

Air-conditioning systems!

Living In Dubai
Air-conditioning anywhere in the world is never the right temperature but in Dubai. Nearly all of the apartments in Dubai are centrally air-conditioned Even the Bus stops and that’s the best thing you are going to miss when you are outside Dubai.

Ski Dubai!

Living In Dubai
You realize that you’ve taken the Ski Dubai for granted as there’s no other place in the world with such a thing.

Grocery Delivered at your door-step!

Living In Dubai
You miss having anything delivered to you at any given hour. Grocery at 2 in the morning? Possible to be delivered to you if you’re in Dubai.

Cheap Transportation!

Living In Dubai
Dubai’s Metro is very very economical and those who are working in Dubai can easily afford the metro service. Moreover, taxi fares in Dubai aren’t so bad. In fact, I now believe that it’s extremely cheap!

Dazzling occasional Fireworks!

Living In Dubai
Dubai’s Fireworks are literally amazing and they never miss any occasion to impress the tourists as well as the residents with their breathtaking fireworks!

Easy Employment!

Living In Dubai
Getting a job offer from anywhere in the world is never good enough compared to the tax-free salary you get in Dubai (and the rest of Middle East) along with the 30-day holiday per year, paid plane tickets, health insurance, housing and transportation allowance and the list goes on.


Hot Weather all year long

Living In Dubai
You can survive high temperature everywhere in the world once you have survived Dubai’s heat! While the rest of the people around you are nagging about the 35-degree Celsius weather, you’re just so happy that it’s not 40+ like what happens in Dubai.

Traffic jams in Dubai

Living In Dubai
Traffic jams in Dubai are the worst! In spite of the overlying roads, you have every chance of getting caught in traffic while driving in Dubai and that mainly is because of the increasing number of vehicles in the city. Road accidents are also very likely to occur in Dubai on daily basis and that is completely normal!

Expensive Residence

Living In Dubai
I was surprised to know that a tiny studio apartment rent that you’re paying in Dubai is no less than 3000 Dirhams per month!

Less Green

Living In Dubai
You can’t believe your eyes when you see very less trees! Though their are many systems working hard to make it look more planty but You will miss the real GREEN when you are in Dubai.

No Rain

Living In Dubai
You go crazy to miss heavy rain. It rains rarely in Dubai and when it does, its really difficult to drive.

Expensive Hoteling

Living In Dubai
The hotel standards in Dubai is very high (in terms of facilities). A 3-star property in Dubai is like a 4-star property to the rest of the world. Needless to say, most of the Dubai people are quite hard to please as they’re used to a high standard of facilities. These are all my opinions that i have concluded through my living experience in Dubai. Feel free to share your experiences if you have ever visited it!

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  1. I only found out about the ski centre the other day! It looks amazing. My friend is on about moving to dubai (she’s currently and ex pat in Malaysia) I’ll point her in the direction of this post! X

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