Cool ideas to style in your Maxi dress this winter!


Maxi styling ideas for winters: Maxi dresses are not only for torrid summer months. They can easily be styled uniquely for cold season. The best thing is that you don’t need to spare time to go out to the shops and invest in new clothing items. In fact, you already have most of the items suggested below, which can help you create dozens of outfits styles that look sophisticated. Also these will only take 3 minutes to put together.

Chic Leather jacket

Leather jackets give a tough and manly look to the wearer. That is the best reason ladies would prefer to wear them with a maxi dress this cold season. This combination is classy and perfect for chilly seasons. The most beautiful contrasts can easily be achieved with a solid black leather and a deep shaded silk dress.

Maxi styling ideas for winters

Denim jacket on top

A summer dress can easily be transitioned into slightly warmer with a denim jacket. The combination is super easy. It gives a unique touch with addition of some accessories. A fluffy scarf and a cute beanie can add to the overall charm of the look while serving as a good warmer option for the chilly season.

Maxi styling ideas for winters

Cool Chunky sweater

Sweaters are usually cozy and make cold weather more bearable in addition to their comfort-ability.  If the chunky sweater has a loose fit, you can balance out the look with a tight dress. Similarly, a loose fitted maxi dress will call for a tight sweater. You can play around with this styling trick as much as you want: experiment with patterns, colors and layering. In order to add most up the outfit,  don’t forget about accessories such as skinny belts, long pendant necklaces and stacked bracelets.

Maxi styling ideas for winters

Layer it

The easiest way to keep warm in cold weather for those who catch cold more easily is to layer it up. It doesn’t only keep you warm, it also looks decent.  You can follow up with a fur vest or choose a winter coat that is already lined with fur. Don’t neglect footwear, Chunky boots, high heels or sneakers all work, as long as they keep your feet waterproof and cozy. A simple beanie will tie the entire outfit together and keep your ears warm at the same time.

Maxi styling ideas for winters

Fur vest

The maxi dress is easy to wear all year round, be it with flip flops in July or long boots in December. The fur vest easily complements any cold season outfit and it can be worn both indoors and outdoors.  Fur vests can instantly add a glamorous touch to your outfit. There is something between the combination of fur and a black maxi dress. You won’t have to look too far for a New Year’s Eve outfit this year. Finish this sexy outfit with a head cap if you need to keep your ears warm and slightly curl your hair for a boho chic effect.

These are the ways you can style your favorite maxi dress even in the cold season giving a unique look on the same time. If you are looking for some more incredible and unique dressing styles check this post!

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