Five reasons you’ll love Popeye’s chicken sandwich


Popeye’s recently threw their hat in the chicken sandwich thing and it seriously wowed the eaters everywhere, including me. I generally always thought of fast food as quick, affordable, greasy and often underwhelming – a squishy bun, some crunchy, salty fried chicken and a tangy pickle or sauce to balance out a little bit of bite. But hey, Popeye’s took that simple combination and turned it into a crazy one with a twist that everyone is is simply loving.

Popeye’s is a California-based restaurant. Fried chicken is their specialty which i have found consistently fresh, has a well-seasoned batter, and is always juicy. To put their Popeye’s chicken sandwich into words, i’d say; take everything good you know about Popeye’s chicken and put it between two gloriously fresh, sweet buns. Throw in some tangy tart pickle chips and a creamy, savory sauce and boom: the Popeye’s chicken sandwich is born. It really is a tiny miracle. 

What’s so special in it?

Popeye’s chicken sandwich

The classic version of chicken sandwich sports regular chicken with creamy mayonnaise, whereas the spicy version calls for spicy chicken (duh) paired with a flavorful Cajun sauce. I, of course, got spicy because tongue-tingling food is the my favorite, and let me tell you, it was everything I ever dreamed of when I first had that first heavenly bite off that “Popeye’s chicken sandwich.” Mmmmmmhh amazing! Just at $4 , it’s not only a steal but the best chicken sandwich available at fast food restaurants right now.

  • The chicken came out hot, juicy, and well-seasoned.
  • The buns held up nicely and did a good job of absorbing the grease of the chicken without actually tasting particularly greasy.
  • The pickles were crisp and tart — enough acidity to cut through the heaviness of the fried chicken and the creamy mayo-based sauce — without feeling particularly overwhelming.
  • Every ingredient had purpose; the balance was perfect.
  • At a great price of $4 this sandwich is a money saver!

I gobbled the entire sandwich in literally three minutes and had to really cogitate about another one. Try it out yourself and you will thank me!

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