Virgin Mobile’s New Commercial

Keeping in tune with all the latest and sometimes over-the-top advertising, Virgin Mobile has released a new commercial entitled “Retrain Your Brain”. This commercial combines a colourful and visually stimulating melange of different and sometimes unexpected situations with the phrase “Retrain Your Brain” interspersed throughout. Interestingly enough, the novel approach that it takes is actually a notable departure from normal mobile phone adverts.

As opposed to spending most of the airtime showing off the latest model of phone, this commercial instead only mentions a Samsung Galaxy phone at the very end along with a monthly rate of $35 a month, although it does not specify what plan this price entails. Could this be a new “hands off” trend in mobile advertising?

Actually, many believe that this advert is more in response to a study that showed that customers we less likely to switch providers based on savings alone. This should not come as a surprise, as many people who feel they are being “sold” something are normally reluctant to buy. This passive approach was also engineered in response to recent findings that some customers are reluctant to pay contracts and instead opt for prepaid monthly services.

As this may be a departure from the plans that phone carriers are used to, the phrase “Retrain Your Brain” hints that the trend of prepaid monthly rates may be the way of the future.

Either way, the commercial itself is memorable due to the fact that it combines apparently unrelated objects and scenes together while keeping the main idea of switching to their service in focus. Will this strategy work? Only time will tell. What may be more interesting will be to see if other major carriers follow suit and begin to offer lower prepaid monthly rates. To see this Virgin Mobile advertisement, simply visit their website and be prepared for a rather “trippy” experience.

One Response to “Virgin Mobile’s New Commercial”
  1. Patrick

    It’s an interesting paradox that prepaid phone companies like Virgin need to get the word out about their service in order to convert customers, yet can’t be too pushy to consumers who are more reluctant to buy something they are being “sold.”

    This is one way to alter that approach.

    Other prepaids like TracFone, Straight Talk, and more recently, Ting wireless, have made more of an effort to go the word-of-mouth route, and it seems to have worked well in those cases.

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