Top Guide to Keeping a Happy Fish

Keeping fish can be more of a commitment and more complicated than first expected. It takes a lot of commitment to maintain the cleanliness of the tank and also a lot of research has to go in to make sure you have the right equipment and right environment for the right fish. Here is a quick guide to maintaining a happy fish:

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Make sure you do some research before you take the plunge. Ensure you know which kind of fish you are purchasing. Every fish needs a different environment for example, some fish need a hot water environment and some a cold. Research into this kind of thing is vital a) before you pay your money and b) before you potentially put a fish into a wrong and threatening environment.

Tank Size

It is obviously well known that a goldfish often grows into a fish tank. But you have to be careful in other situations. For example if you have too many fish in a fish tank that is too small, then it may become overcrowded and it will not be a sustainable lifestyle for a lot of the fish. Some might also struggle in the battle for food come feeding time.


It is vital that the equipment in your fish tank is of the best quality you can afford. Pond and fish tank pumps are easily available and, whilst they’re not completely required, it will vitally help the tank be a more comfortable home for your fish. Find a pump that does the correct job and is also the right size for your tank is vital. If your pump is too powerful or too big it can become a threat for your fish.


Feeding your fish may see quite a simple task but it is a vital part of your fish’s life. Under feeding is an obvious issue but there is also an issue with overfeeding that can endanger your fish’s life. In this sense, a decent judgement has to be made to the size of your fish and how many fish you have in your tank as to how much food you provide. Regularity is also vital. Check out fish food for sale from All Pond for the right food for your fish.


Regularity is also a vital aspect here. Maintaining a healthy and clean fish tank will keep your fish happy and healthy. It will also ensure that your fish tank doesn’t become an eye sore in your house and will become the bright contribution to your home that it could be.

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