Spy on Cell Phone of Your Staff and Ensure a Smooth Running of Your Business

To live a peaceful life is the dream of every person and this dream cannot come true unless and until you have sorted out all your issues with your employees. Employees have a pretty bad habit of causing disturbance at work and this thing irritates employers quite a lot. A few employees spoil the decent atmosphere of the company with their shameful acts. To keep a close eye on all such employees, employers simply need to spy on cell phone of such employees and make sure that they stay within their limits and don’t harm the company in any way.

Securing your business:

To secure a good running of your business, you need to spy on cell phone of your employees with StealthGenie. The best thing about this spy app is that it runs covertly inside your employee’s cell phone without disclosing about its presence to anyone at all. You are able to view the entire data that is present inside your employee’s cell phone anytime you want to and from anywhere in the world.

Workable phones:

Latest Android, iPhone and BlackBerry smartphones work fine with this spy app. All you need is an internet connection and your personal Log-in details from StealthGenie to gain unlimited access to the entire cell phone data of your employees.

Call records:

Keeping an eye on all the incoming, missed as well as outgoing calls of your employees is necessary to make sure that they are not in contact with anyone from amongst your competitors. StealthGenie provides employers with all these records along with the total duration and exact time of each and every call. You even have the option to record all the calls or any particular call if you want to.

Geo tracking and remote monitoring:

Working with the help of the GPS navigator inside your employee’s cell phone, StealthGenie updates you with the precise location of your employee whenever you want to. A special thing about this spy app is its remote monitoring ability. You are able to access the entire cell phone data of your employee from any corner of the world, at any time you want to with the help of StealthGenie.

An attractive price:

From a business perspective, StealthGenie offers its users with a pretty attractive price. Now employers get to spy on cell phone of their employees for an unbelievable price of just $8.33 a month.

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