Most Popular Underwater Photography Wallpapers Ever

Underwater Photography is the most creative and delightful to showcase upon your eyes. If you have never witnessed such wonderful sights from your eyes then lo and behold! In this article i have personally hand picked some of the Most Popular Underwater Photography Wallpapers Ever! These shockingly bright meaningful images will stunned your imaginations and these underwater pictures will try to create a magical bond between your eyes and these gorgeous attractive underwater wallpapers.

Every Picture was taken at a very special time capturing some very special moments of life and nature. Life of different people and different species together. I have made some meaningful description with each image but i guess i haven’t done the justice! because all these pictures were taken at some magical time-frame and we can’t describe them with words. If you have some valid and more meaningful description of these lovely photographs then do me a favour and hit me back!

When you scuba dive to underwater of the sea world you notice a marvellous amount of underwater creatures which you want to capture in your eyes forever so you use camera lens for this purpose and you capture such brilliance in your camera lens and make this a long lasting memory! In this article we have hand-picked unique and rare pictures of several famous and skilled photographers from underwater world for your inspiration. Experience the true sighting of marvellous splendours of nature!

Designers and Photoshop artists can really make things easy for developing such brilliant and full of contrast images to delight our sight with pleasure and inspiration and we can grab their prints from poster printing services if we really want to.

Each picture is credited to it’s real photographer and their official pages and information. You can hover on to picture’s Title for bigger resolutions just click on the title of the image. For more pictures from the desired photographer you can hover and click on the photographer’s name and go to their official pages and all. If someone feels that there should be more pictures to be added in this Top roundup of underwater photography wallpapers then do let me know in comments! Enjoy!

Dream of Sleep

When we fall asleep…..we enter sometimes … to a magical world! .. Where … no one can see … what we think…

View for more Wallpapers from this wonderful artist on Bread and Shutter  Or Their Facebook Page

My Underwater Office

Sometimes you just want to relax and let go of your tensions and confusions to the world where no one sees you!

View for more Wallpapers from this wonderful artist on Jacques de Vos  Very Talented Underwater Photographer!

Amphiprion Ocellaris

This is one of the 27 known species of clown fish (due to its color and how to swim disorderly). It is a juvenil with about 3cm and 8 months of live.

View for more Wallpapers from this wonderful artist on Pedro GoniO  “I love the creativity and nothing less.”

Land Slide Hall

Sometimes you have to search a bit farther for your true destination accomplishments. Just go for it once!

View for more Wallpapers from this wonderful artist on Viktor Lyagushkin  Cave, Underwater Photographer.


You have to bend yourself to move ahead, To skip the hurdles you have to bend your ways one to another!

View for more Wallpapers from this wonderful artist on Andrey Narchuk  From Moscow, Russian Federation

Jumping Fish

Sometimes you just have to express your feelings about what you’re thinking and what you’re not and to let go of!

View for more Wallpapers from this wonderful artist on Tina Terras   Her Official Website True Photographer!

Lady Of The Deep

A woman never gives-up! She jumps back She fight’s Back she Dive’s in she Fly’s up! So Hard working So True!

Record Italian freediver Linda Paganelli, ascending in front of one of the caves in the Ras Mohammed National Park just south of Sharm el-Sheikh. View for more Wallpapers from this wonderful artist on Jacques de Vos 

UnderWater SpotLight

When you have nothing to see, You have only one Light and that is the real Light Real SpotLight of Life, True!

Underwater Photography Wallpaper

We Dive an Underwater Cave with a hole on the top,, it create a nice Beam of Light in the Water, i just got lucky on this shot because one of the diver pass by on it. View for more Wallpapers from this wonderful artist on Eric Javier   & Homepage

On The Wings of The Storm

When you have so many hurdles you break free!  You found yourself on the wings of the storm Flying high!

Wonderful Photographer from Moscow! View more Wallpapers from this wonderful artist on Andrey Narchuk 


My wife and dive buddy Johanna is surrounded by a huge shoal of Bigeye Travallies (Caranx sexfasciatus). Very passionate underwater photographer since 1980. View for more Wallpapers from this wonderful artist on Norbert Probst 

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    just plain and simple genius, beautiful work I am truly inpressed with the quality and creativity and hope only to come one tenth as close to your work, thank you so much!

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