Men’s Bathing Suit Trends for Summer 2012

Every year, there are new trends in Men’s Bathing Suits. New styles come out and that pair you’ve had sitting in your closet for the last ten years becomes more and more obsolete. If you’re thinking of upgrading your classic pair of swim trunks or board shorts but have no idea what is in style right now, this is the article you need to be reading so you can look as in style and trendy as possible at the beach or pool. Here are the biggest Men’s Bathing Suit Trends for Summer 2012.


Though your trusty pair of solid navy blue swim shorts might have served you well over the years, it’s time to go bold. Bright colors and big patterns are what’s in style for 2012. After all, what’s the point of buying a brand new bathing suit if you blend in with everyone else at the pool or beach? You need to stand out with your swim shorts, to make it clear that you’re sporting a brand new, 2012 edition bathing suit. These Fred Perry S9227 Yarn Dyed Check Swim Shorts are just what you should be looking for. A faded plaid, they won’t make you stand out too much, but the green, yellow, blue, white, and pink combine to make a fun pattern. If you’re not into plaid, or that’s too many colors for you, try a checked or striped option!


If you’re not into patterns, or don’t want to stand out quite that much, try choosing a pair of swim shorts in a nontraditional color instead of a pattern. Pink, red, orange, green, light blue – these are the colors you should be looking for! Stay away from dark blue and black, as those are boring colors that won’t catch anyone’s eye during this summer. These Voi Jeans Wynd Shorts come in some fun colors – even white! – and have some nice details that will make you stand out!

Short, Not Long!

It’s time to hang up those shorts that come to the middle of your calf. For 2012, a slightly shorter length is in. Of course no one expects you to show up at the pool or at the beach in a Speedo – that would probably make more than just you uncomfortable. But a few inches above the knee, rather than below, is where it’s at this summer for men’s swim shorts. These Luke 1977 Smuggler Shorts hit just above the knee, which is perfect for this season. Yes, they do come in a boring navy blue, but they also are available in bright Hot Raspberry, which is a great color for the 2012 swim season.

Classic, Clean Lines

This year, you need to look as good in the pool as you do outside of it. That’s why designers are dispensing with the traditional bloated, unattractive swim shorts. Whether you’re sitting at the pool or eating at a beachside restaurant, your shorts should be cut well enough and stylishly enough to where you can be in them all day and all night. These Lacoste MH1783 Swim Shorts hit at the knee and are good looking enough to carry you into and out of the pool, and onto a night of fun and relaxing.

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