How to Stop Hair Loss!

The best decoration a woman can do is styling her hairs. Well they can be healthy, shiny and strong, but what to do when things are not so rosy? We struggle with hair loss!
If you still need help with getting your hair back, try a hair transplant

How to stop hair loss?

A simple search query on the Internet produces four million answers to the phrase “hair loss”. More than 120,000 people every day asking what to do if your hair falls out, and how to get your hair vitality and strength.

It is worth to know that the tab of hair follicles – and they are responsible for hair growth – is still at 2-3 months of embryonic development.

During adolescence, people usually have strong hair for very long. With age, the hair cycle is shortened, they are thin, gradually lose pigmentation, strength, and slower growing.

Serious violations – such as malnutrition or infection – can cause dystrophy and hair loss.

What can you do to cope with hair loss?

First of all, it is necessary to protect them from the negative influence of the environment, maintain and further nurture.

Solving the problem of hair loss by using special shampoos, vitamin-mineral complexes, and other supporting tools is called non-specific treatments. Indeed, some funds from lines of hair care products contain medicinal ingredients, and caring and able to positively affect the hair, stimulating their growth.

Vitamins, of course, also has a positive effect: they make up for lack of necessary materials and improve the nutrition of the follicles.

More efficient and correct use of special drugs for hair loss – they are sold in pharmacies without a prescription. For example, here is the opinion of one of the participating women’s forum:

“In the beginning, I had to move quite a lot of stress, after which the hair began to fall heavily. A month ago I started taking pills recommended by a pharmacist in a pharmacy. Fortunately, now all gone! In appearance the hair become stronger, fewer of them remain on the comb. From pills to temporarily refused. If the loss of resumes, I will make again. In the meantime, you can enjoy life! ”
Elena, 29 years old

Enjoy life you should always, as to the problem of hair loss it is worth to treat more seriously. Very often, patients taking the drug for 1-1.5 months to notice a positive result and stop treatment! This is a big mistake. Let’s look at why.

It is better for longer, but better

During the growth of our hair is the phase of active growth – it can take up to 8 years, and the so-called dormant period – this time the hair is no longer powered by the roots and completely independent from it.

The dormant period lasts from two to five months, and at this time with the hair noticeable changes occur: slow down cell division, the hair bulb is separated from the hair follicle, the hair on its way to the surface of the skin of the head and falls. In its place, this follicle begins to grow new hair, which re-enters the phase of active growth.

Normally, a person in a period of rest is about 15% of the hair. In the event of abnormal loss of their number increases to 25% or more. That is why it is important to take the drug specific effect longer than the rest period hair – more than five months.

The purpose of such long-term treatment – block a period of rest and take an active phase of growth, so that by the time of its launch new hair has already received the necessary treatment. Only in this case, we can confidently say persistent therapeutic effect.

Among funds with long-term rate of reception is widespread drug Pantovigar . The duration of treatment than during the rest Pantovigarom hair and lasts 4-6 months, which means that 100% of the hair will have a maximum of necessary treatment.

As part of Pantovigara contains, in addition, a complex of B vitamins, P-aminobenzoic acid, L-cysteine, and keratin, which stimulates hair growth and restore the structure.

Keratin – is the main structural protein of hair, which has high chemical resistance and mechanical strength, and Pantovigar – this is the only drug to date, which contains keratin. Protect your hair from the inside and treat yourself to a happy, quiet life.

But above all, choosing a treatment, consult with a specialist. And remember: in the fight against hair loss is usually the most reliable “better longer, but better!”

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