Fashion Make-up Photography

Make-up Artist and beauty consultant worked real hard in fashion trends to create inspiring Fashion portfolios. So, to create something extra special and rarely unique the thing stood out  most is the involvement of the makeup artists  in the creative process of taking all these unique and different fresh colorful Fashion photography. Mostly in this type of photography Make-Up Artist and Hair Stylist work together to make someone beautiful beyond their wildest dreams and giving a model a unique look in order to tell a story through an image.

Creating everything from colorful looks straight from runways to natural, flawless makeup is not as easy job. Artist spend days to create something special which we have tried to show in this article, hope you will like our selection of 40+ Strickly Fashion Runway Make-Up Photography.

5 Fashion Photography Makeup Tips

To get that perfect fashion shot, you must have a flawless model with excellent photography makeup. Follow the tips below to get that airbrushed quality in any model.

1. Wash the Face Well

Before the makeup is even applied, a clean face is necessary. Exfoliate the face with a deep facial wash and remember to moisturize.

2. Keep Your Makeup Handy

You will not just have it applied at the beginning of the shoot. You may need to touch up several times throughout a shoot in order to reduce shine and retouch eye makeup that has begun to smear or wear off.

3. Less is More

While you may want to make your model look perfect, it is much easier to edit imperfections in the photo themselves rather than attempting to fix skin tone and color due to excessive makeup. Loading on the makeup will make the model appear fake and take away from their natural beauty.

4. Don’t Forget the Body

Sometimes, photographers concentrate so much on getting a models face perfect, they forget about the rest of the body.

5. Powder is Key

In real life, powder may make you appear pasty and white. In photography, powder will reduce shine and get you the best shot possible. The last thing that you want in your shot is a shiny face.

Fashion Runway Make-Up Photography

Ultra makeup

Fashion Makeup 1



Pudding Over the Rainbow

Her True Self

Mystic Nature Makeup


Black lace II


curse – between two eternities

Sakura Sunrise



Shades of Pink and Purple


Latest Makeup Art

look at me

White Tiger


Light Infection




Mint Inuit




Don’t eat the props

A Doll Portrait



I see YOU

Ninnghizidda, Plumed serpent

Fashion Barbie


Iced Candy stock 3

Marlie :2:


MISSynthetic Paint It

Blue Fashion

Eyes for you

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