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How many times do you say to yourself… “Why Didn’t I Think Of That”???  I know I do a lot! So I thought it was time to make you another collection of Everyday Life Hacks that you will actually use in real life!  The readers can not seem to get enough of just about any kind of Hack Collection aka “Why Didn’t I Think Of That Posts” …so we are going to keep on bringing them to you as long as their are good ideas out there in the universe!  All of today’s Life Hacks are quick…easy…totally budget friendly or free and actually will serve a purpose in every day life.  So sit back for a little bit with a cup of delicious brew and see how easy it is to separate an egg…get a clean peel on your hard boiled eggs…how to make your Own Cooking Spray…how to hydrate your skin totally naturally and much much more!  Enjoy my friends!

Did you know that boiling your eggs in salted water makes them peel better??? Be sure to add some salt…about a Tablespoon.  You can also add a Tablespoon of Baking Soda…I just like the Salt better.


Scrub stains in you favorite coffee mug with lemon; this works like magic: Lemon has always been known for its cleaning properties; there are so many products in which lemon is used to help people get rid of different kinds of stains. If you want to get rid of those ugly stains, you need to cut a lemon in half and scrub it on the stains you see in your coffee mug. Scrub the stains well so that you get a beautiful stain-free coffee mug by the end of the process.  If the stains are really bad…scrub well first and then squeeze the juice of the other half of lemon into the mug and add HOT water and let it sit…it acts like natural bleach.


You don’t need any fancy contraption … Use A Slotted Spoon As An Egg Separator…shake side to side very gently till all the white drops…so simple!


Make your own Cooking Oil Spray 1/4 cup water and 3/4 cup oil…funnel into a spray bottle…shake and spray!

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Make your own Cooking Oil Spray or use a Commercial one and lightly spray the front and back of your grater…now grate as usual…makes clean up so much easier and you have no waste!

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Keep Cupcakes Fresh and untouched by placing a plastic cup over each cupcake.  This is such a great way of keeping them fresh and preventing the icing from getting messed up.


Did you know that you can add 2 eggs and 1/2 cup of oil like canola or vegetable oil to turn any cake mix into a cookie dough!  I can tell you first hand this works…I didn’t want to share a hack like this without making sure.  These cookies were moist…chewy and truly yummy!   Just put the mix in a bowl…crack the eggs in and add oil.  Stir until completely mixed.  Then roll your dough into balls and place them on a buttered cookie sheet or onto parchment paper.  These were large cookies (the ball was a medium ice cream scoop)…I flattened them with a floured glass bottom until they were about 1/3-1/4 inch thick…they were about 2 1/4 inches round and took 10 minutes at 350.   (the time depends on the size…do not let them over cook!) Let them rest on the counter for about 10 minutes and then spatula them onto a rack.  I made them into funfetti cookies but adding sprinkles to the batter and a bunch of sprinkles to the top before baking :  It took 30 minutes from box to being dunked in milk!


Candles will burn longer and drip less if you put them in the Freezer for a few hours before you use them.


To unclog your drain…pour 1 cup of Baking Soda down it and then pour 1 cup of White Vinegar on top of it and let it work it’s magic for and hour or so.  Then pour boiling hot water down the drain and if the clog was not too bad…it should open things up.  I have used this method and it works…sometimes I had to do it twice.  One thing I have learned is that doing this once a month no matter if it it needs to be done or not keeps things open!  All natural too which is a wonderful thing.


Hope you never have to use this hack…but just in case…it’s a good one.  Put your home number under in your cell phone’s contact list under Owner.  This way if you loose your phone and someone picks it up…they will know who to contact!

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If you need Buttermilk for a recipe and you don’t have any in the fridge…simply take 1 Tablespoon of White Vinegar or Lemon Juice and pour it into a measuring cup…then fill the rest with milk and stir.  Allow it to sit for 10 minutes and VOILA you have Buttermilk!  In fact…I don’t even buy it any more because there is NO waste this way!

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Do you know what you can do with a used Tea Bag?  Well if you place it in the Fridge so it is cool…then you can put it on an insect bite for about 5 minutes and the itch and swelling will go away.  The nice thing about this is you can make one quickly if you get a bite : )  By the way…putting a chilled used tea bag on your eyes will help soothe them and take down the puffiness!

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If you are a Crafter and sometimes forget to clean your paint brush…pour some vinegar in a jar and place the brush into it…wait for about 30 minutes to an hour…then rinse off!  9 out of 10 times your brush will be restored.

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A great way to hydrate and condition your face is to take 1 avocado and mash it till creamy…then apply evenly over your face.  Allow it to stay on about 20 minutes to 30 minutes.  Then wash really good.  You skin will feel so much smoother and be invigorated! A LOT less expense than a mask or deep face conditioner.

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If you boil your water before you make your ice cubes…they will come out crystal clear!

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If you need some very soft and ripened bananas for a Banana Bread or something yummy and your bananas are not ripe enough…place them on a cookie sheet and put them in the oven at 300 degrees for about 30-40 minutes.  The skin of course will blacken.  Then you will have the bananas you need to make your recipe! If the bananas are greenish…it will take the full 40 minutes…if they are a little soft…then 25 minutes should be just fine.  When you take them out of the oven and they cool a little bit…snip off the end and squeeze them right into the bowl you are going to make the batter in. EZ PZ!

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If you are making cupcakes and want them to be all the same size…then get out that ice cream scoop…spray it with cooking spray…scoop and place in the cupcake liner.  Perfect amount every time and all your cupcakes will be the same size!  So easy!

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Your pups paws get a bit cracked and dry sometimes…especially when it is hot and they walk on the pavement and when it is cold…there is salve out there for them…but it is so easy to make your own…just click here for my recipe…it’s Alie and Georgia approved!  (that’s my little Georgia : )


If you are looking to keep your lettuce …mescaline…spinach or any of your greens fresh for a little bit longer…store it in a ziplock bag along with a dry paper towel.  The paper towel is going to absorb a lot of the excess moisture which will help the greens from getting soggy and limp.  EZ PZ!

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If you are looking for a yummy and ripe pineapple…check out the bottom of the pineapple for any kind of mold…that’s a no no : ) then pull out one of the inside leaves on the top…if it comes out without resistance…then you know it is ripe!

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