Amazing iPad Mini Decals Stickers

As you all people must have known the news that the Mini-version of the iPad is out in the market and it’s ready to burn the competition with it’s lightweight and pencil-thin design. Many people say that iPad Mini resembles its bigger brother, but after a while you won’t be able to tell yours apart from everyone else’s. So we have an idea, let’s just inject some real attitude into this little fella, and really spice up its sexy back a little bit more with some help from these awesome decals and stickers.

Batman [$10.99]

Alien [$5]

Headphones [$5.49]

Apple Juice [$6.49]

iPad Mini Decals

I Love Fridays [$9.90]

LEGO Man [$9.99]

Evolution [$5.49]

Portal Figure [$3.49]

Wavy Scrolls [$6]

Flowers [$7.99]

Frog [$4]

Batman Mask [$3.49]

Animals [$9.90]

Crossbones [$5.99]

Camera [$9.90]

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