Amazing Expressive Photography of Photographer Cristina Otero

Cristina Otero only 16 years old, but looking at her pictures, you will admit that she’s a natural born talent. It is evident that Christina still is experimenting her skills, but now it seems like she has found her own special style.

Some of her works evoke the horror, some are full of optimism and joie de vivre, but all have one thing in common – Expressive Eyes. You can view Portfolio of Christina for more stunning photography here on these Links:

Cristina Otero Photography on Flickr

Cristina Otero Photography  on Facebook

Cristina Otero Photography  on Deviantart

Cristina Otero Photography  on Twitter

4 Responses to “Amazing Expressive Photography of Photographer Cristina Otero”
  1. Anne H

    Gorgeous and creepy in the same time!!! Love the photos!

  2. Sarah Jackson

    Super Brilliant Photos…

  3. Design Clues

    Amazing work…

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