Amazing Day To Night Photography

Light is a very important and basic medium for all the visual artist, the waves without which we couldn’t experience their work. Whilst sculpture, film and even some  aspects of painting can be experienced without sight, photography is entirely dependent on it.

The interesting qualities of light have always fascinated artists as this extraordinary series of shots by Stephen Wilkes attests.

All these have been Shot at both night and day times and the pictures have also been digitally manipulated to combine all the different times, and creating a remarkable sense of distance verging on the voyeuristic. All these pictures are the most reminiscent of photographs taken of the earth from orbit, which really shows the edge of the day, highlighting the amazing amount of change that occurs throughout a 24 hour period. Enjoy!

Image Source Coney Island

Image Source Washington Square Park, NYC

Image Source The Flatiron, NYC

Image Source Gramercy Park, NYC

Image Source NYC Library, NYC

Image Source The Highline, NYC

Image Source Times Square, NYC

Image Source Bethesda Fountain, Central Park

Image Source Park Avenue, NYC

Image Source Shanghai, China

Image Source Central Park, NYC

Image Source Times Square, New Year’s Eve, NYC

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