Affordable Icons for Your Design Projects

Maybe your business is to design websites, to prepare presentations or to create mobile phone or software applications, the idea is that if you want to complete your tasks in a beautiful manner, then you will obviously need some icons. My suggestion for you is to visit because there you could find stock icons, vectors, emoticons, and the list may continue. Anyway, the thing is that no one will leave the page without finding something he or she needs.

However I’m sure that what you all are wondering is why you should pick this website, when purchasing the icons you need. And this question is natural, because every professional wants to make sure that the elements that will embellish his or her projects will be worthy to be displayed there.

Well, to answer your question, first of all, the customer should go for Icons-Land, because they offer options to their clients. This means that if you desire you may purchase Windows seven icons, people icons, sport icons, and so on, from their stock elements. But if there isn’t anything that would suit your project or if you simply want something exclusively made for you, then you should go to custom design icons. And, when it comes to this special program, the client has again some options to choose from: Designing Exclusive Icons Set (icons exclusively made for you) and Extending Existing Stock Icons Set (icons designed in the style of already existing ones). Anyway, as you can see this design studio will offer you various versions on how to purchase their items, fact that gives you freedom on how much money you could spend.

Besides this, provides great quality all the time and new icons for their customers as frequently as possible. The great quality is given by the variety of sizes (between 16×16 and 256×256), the .PNG, .ICO, or .AI format, or by the wonderful color schemes (TrueColor and Alpha channel). As far as the fresh items are concerned, the newest things you may find these days are the Metro Sport Icons and the Metro Sport Vectors, which represent different sports, such as: Olympic Games sports, winter sports, and various other activities.

Also, if you appreciate the work of the designers form Icons Land, you should know that their job is not limited only to icons. In the custom design service you may also opt for animation design, skin design, software box design, Cd/DVD cover design, Logo design and, 3D design. Therefore, if you have something like this in mind for your projects, do not hesitate to contact them, by leaving a message in the Contact Us section.

And, of course that you would also like to know what are the costs these people charge. If you would like to purchase an individual icon in .PNG format you will have to pay $5, if you desire an individual icon in .AI format, then you should give $15. As for your special requirements, in the custom design area, the prices are not set, because they depend entirely on you, i.e. on the format you desire, on the number of icons you need or on the style and size.

Anyway, in the end people should come to Icons Land because this is a safe land where icons are available in a high quality, in a customized manner and in any size, format or number you desire.

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