15 Creative and Spooky Halloween Wallpapers

Halloween is celebrated by the Christians from all over the world in the memory of all the saints. It is customary among the Christian to get dressed in spooky and scary outfits on this day and get engaged in all kinds of spooky activities like playing jokes and pranks, attending creepy costume bash and many such fun activities.

If you are looking for scary wallpapers for your computer or your mobile phone to match perfectly with your attire, then you can search on the internet. But they are so many such examples that you are going to end up being confused. For the benefit of the prospective clients we have created a list of the 15 spookiest wallpapers that will surely blend with your spooky outfits and make up. If you are hosting the Halloween bash in your own house, then you can switch on your desktop and use any of these really frightening and terrifying wallpapers to create an ideal ambiance, though this mind sound crazy but it is definitely going to have the desired effect that you are looking forward to.

1. Halloween wallpaper by Kylos

This photo was taken on November 15, 2008.

2. Happy Halloween by Yaichino

3. The Spirit of Halloween

4. Happy Halloween

5. Halloween

6. Full Moon in The Midnight Fore

7. The Gathering Storm

8. Halloween landscape

9. Halloween Kitten

10. Halloween by Twisted

11. A Gloomy Halloween

12. Hallowmas

13. All Hallows Eve by Griff

14. Halloween In The Midnight Forest

15. Halloween by Sandara

We have hand picked these daunting and terrifying wallpapers after thoroughly searching the internet to make it easier for you to arrange for the party. You can also keep on rotating these wallpapers on the screen of your computer to further intensify the thrilling ambiance of the party. Or you can simply use it to celebrate Halloween and be in the right spirit. You can download them easily from our website and use it as the wallpaper.

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