140 Amazing Photoshop Effects Tutorials

Photoshop effects are very in these days and this is a huge list of tutorials showing how to create amazing Photoshop effects. As you already know that we can achieve so much in tools like Photoshop. In most of the cases, Learning techniques and skills is essential however it’s from a tutorial that is not directly related to the type of designs we normally create. Some of many Photoshop effects are used all round and here we will simply extend the “personal toolbox” when you guys investigate how other Photoshop users gives a specific task to be done. Its more likely that we have our own ways to do these Photoshop Effects, but also it can be improved by adding some elements that you pick up when following all these Photoshop effects tutorials. We haven’t added every Photoshop effects tutorials we know of here because the collection would be than too large to fit in this article. So Lets get started! Please note: We just updated and checked all links in this article. You just have to click on the hyper-linked text before the image and you will get redirected to the source of the tutorial. Enjoy!

Create A Glowing Super Hero

Easy Star Light in Photoshop

Creating an Impactful Disco Party Poster

Create A Fiery Face Explosion

Sparkling Hot Girl in Photoshop

Give a Car Photo Super Slick Lighting Photoshop Effects

Amazing Photoshop Light Effect In 10 Steps

Create A Retro Cosmic Design in Photoshop

Awesome digital bokeh effect in Photoshop

Iron Man View Interface Effect In Photoshop

How to Create a Hellacious Flaming Skull in Photoshop

Achieve Brilliant Lighting Effects in Photoshop

Design an Intense Particle illustration using Photoshop

Lighting Shutter Text Effect Tutorial

How to Create a Flaming Photo Manipulation

Photoshop Tutorial: Create scorching Photoshop effects

Realistic Scorching Fire Effect

Advance Glow Effect

Drawing an Abstract Lightbulb

Create a glowing effect scene in photoshop

Water Spirit – drawing fire

Electrifying Energy Beams

The Making of “Constant Slip”

Cool neon typography tutorial

Add Textured Ornaments to Hand-Drawn Art

Creating an Abstract Watercolor Wallpaper

Create a Devastating Twister With Photo Manipulation Techniques

Create frozen liquid Photoshop effects

Realistic Water Reflection

How to Create a Severed Arm in Photoshop

Crack And Peel

Transform A Person Into An Alien

Making a Book of Magical Playground Scene

Creating Energy Spheres

Awesome Milk Typography Effect in Photoshop

Creative Photoshop Animal King Photo Manipulation Tutorial

Luxury retro car poster with paint splashing effect. Talbot-Lago T-150 CSS

How to Create a Chilling Photo Manipulation in Photoshop

Create Fantastic Stone Textures in Photoshop

Creating a fragmented golden phone

How to Make a Vector – Style Woman Composition

Photoshop Puzzle Photoshop Effect

Displacement Effects

Photo retouching

Eery-Eye Photo Manipulation

Devil’s Eyes

How to Turn Humdrum Photos into Cinematic Portraits

Dreamy photo effect

Make Photos More Suggestive

How To Create An Abstract Floral Explosion in Photoshop

How to Create a Cute Green Apple Face Photoshop Effects

Drawing a Realistic Human Eye

Bringing A Stone Statue To Life

Create a Lady Walking in Night Scene

How to Create a Side View Concept Car

Design a Vintage Radio Icon in Photoshop

Create Simple Cartoon Characters in Photoshop

Create a Retro Pop Art in Photoshop

How to Create a Contemporary Style Illustration Without Drawing Skills

Design a Realistic 3D Baseball Cap in Photoshop

Realistic Tattoos

Applying a Realistic Tattoo

Using Ink Drops in Your Digital Compositions

Lighting a Giant Elephant

How to Replace a Sky in Photoshop

Photoshop Effects: Placing An Image Inside Of Another In Photoshop

Blend Photos With Apply Image In Photoshop

Photoshop Sunglass Reflections Effect

Photoshop Effects: Telling Stories With Shadows

Making of a Forest Magical Scene

Compositing with Adjustment Layers : Photoshop effects tutorial

Creating a Touching Story Scene in Photoshop

Create a Greek Sculpture Using Stock Photography and Photoshop

Create an Incredible Avatar Inspired Matte Painting of Pandora

Mysterious Hollow Photoshop Effects

Using Lighting, Atmospherics and Digital Illustration Techniques for Matte Painting

How to Create a Photo Manipulation of a Flooded City Scene

Mysterious Lightning

Create a Funky Perspective of a Model Riding Digital Volume

Fantastic Disintegration Effect inspired by Watchmen in Photoshop

Create a Scenic Photomanipulation

Create a Wallpaper for Blog Action Day

Photoshop HDR

Combine Photo Elements to Create a Surreal Photo Manipulation

Creating a vector composite effect from a photo

Learn How to Create a Fiery Demon Montage

Transform Photo into Watercolor Painting

Storm Photoshop Effects

Create an Explosive Cover with Precise Photo Manipulation Techniques

Manipulating a WW2 Fighter Aircraft

Orange Porsche. Fruit Skin

Basic Photo Reflections

Creative Edges Using Smart Filters

Grunge Photo Edges

Alien Photo Manipulation Photoshop Tutorial

How to Design a Dramatic Winged Dragon with Photoshop

How to Apply Textures to Uneven Surfaces

Create a Face Shattering Photoshop Effects

Simply Creating a Vector Object in Photoshop

Creating a Smoke Fading Effect

Age Progression

The Making of Mystic

Create a dynamic butterfly inspired photo manipulation

Vibrant Photo Manipulation

How to Mold Paint Splatter to a Face in Photoshop

Design a Photo Manipulation from Sketch to Color

How to Create a Fantasy Photo Manipulation

Alien Invasion

Making a Disaster Impact Scenery to the Earth

Design an Epic Fantasy Scene with Photoshop

Comic Book Photo Effect

Artistic Sepia / Colorizing Photoshop Effect

High Contrast Black & White Ad

Dark Grunge Photo Effect

Selective Focus and Tilt-Shift

Photo Transfer Edge Photoshop Effects

Changing Eye Color

Making Noses Smaller

Gritty Effect

Basic Graduated Neutral Density Filter

Photo Color Correction

Soft Focus & Glow Effect

How To Turn Your Photo Into Movie-Like Effect

Split Toning Black and White Photos In Photoshop

The Velvia Effect

Colorizing A Photo With Multiple Colors In Photoshop

Intensify A Dull Sky

Basic Sepia Tone Old Photo Effect

Infrared Photo Effect In Photoshop

Photoshop effects: Create Silky Smooth Waterfalls

Photoshop HDR tutorial

Basic Image Adjustment 101

HDR-Style Results Using Layers in Photoshop

How to Create Professional HDR Images

Spot Sharpening with a Faux Layer Mask in Photoshop (Elements)

Removing Partial Color from a Photo: Photoshop Effects Techniques

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