10 Easy Plastic Water Bottle Crafts

Well folks we have so many different and unique ideas for home made crafts from recycled items like plastic for instance, it’s really weally hard to decide which ones to go for first and try. We have managed to round up 10 pretty Easy Plastic Water Bottle Crafts which are fashionable, fun with and handy, you would never guess they’re actually plastic bottle crafts!

These are from trendy plastic water bottle bracelets to bottle caps crafts which are double as wall art, this pretty decent collection offers various new and old ideas for recycled water bottle crafts that we may use in our everyday lives  If you folks are going green and really want new and unique suggestions for crafts using plastic bottle caps, then you have to take a look at these 10 Easy plastic Water Bottle Crafts, which will empty our recycling bins, and will make us get to work on one of these eco-friendly projects!

So to get things on fast track, here’ a fun way to reuse an old water bottle.  well we bet your Kids and adults will surely love this DIY Bubble Machine, and trust me you won’t believe how easy it is to make!  With only a few easy-to-find materials, we can really transform an old water plastic bottle into a fun thrifty toy which is great for pool parties and bath time! So here’s what we have;

Pink Flowers Water Bottle Bracelets:  Who told you can’t be a fashionable and eco-friendly geek? Ah don’t mind me calling you a geek trust me it’s a compliment.  These Pink Flower Water Bottle Bracelets look like something you might find at your favorite accessories store, but they’re really recycled plastic bottle crafts that you can easily make at home!

Faux Felted Water Bottle Bracelets:  These colorful, funky bracelets are easy way to spice up our wardrobe with wearable water bottle recycling crafts.  We think that the felt adds softness and well disguise to the plastic itself.

Plastic Water Bottle Pendant and Necklace Video:  Get ready to be amazed by this recycled plastic bottle crafts idea.  You can watch the video on YouTube to find out how to make one-of-a-kind water bottle crafts that you can wear every day, This includes plastic water bottle pendant and the necklace is also made from recycled bottles.

Plastic Bottle Crafts Jewelry:  Learn how to turn old plastic bottles into trendy accessories with this Water Bottle Jewelry tutorial.  From floral necklaces to dainty daisy bracelets, get creative and fill up your jewelry box with these adorable water bottle projects!

Blue Bling Water Bottle Earrings:  Get inspired by everyday objects. Blue Bling Water Bottle Earrings can be created by combining a plastic blue drink bottle and copper enamel ink. Everyone will be shocked when they find out these earrings are repurposed from a water bottle!

Water Bottle and Paper Bangles:  Rock an earth-friendly, fashionable look with Water Bottle and Paper Bangles. For this recycled craft project, you’ll need metallic foil tape, scrapbook paper and empty plastic bottles. Customize each piece to create the perfect look.

Water Bottle Supply Organizer:  One of our favorite easy to make water bottle crafts is this handy organizer.  Get your craft room in order with this clever storage solution, made from recyclable materials!

Secretly Cheap DIY Flower Vase: This one is my Favorite! Check out this Simply Plastics UK craft to learn how to make a DIY vase that looks like a million bucks.

Patriotic Water Bottle Bracelet:  Just Go green and celebrate your events and parties with plastic bottle crafts! Make a Patriotic Water Bottle Bracelet using an empty bottle and red, white and blue buttons. Wear it on the nation’s birthday to show your patriotic spirit. So What do you guys think about these pretty neat ideas? well surely they are worth of your time!

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